Download Pokemon Go 1.27.2 / 0.57.2 For iOS And Android With More Gen 2 Characters

You can now download the latest Pokemon Go 1.27.2 for iOS and 0.57.2 for Android with a bunch of changes. Players with compatible iOS and Android devices should be able to bet the update from the app stores starting right now.


About Niantic Labs’ plans regarding Pokemon Go game for both Android and iOS pay gamers being able to look forward to collecting over 80 Gen 2 Pokemon character, along with some changes to the gameplay itself. Earlier it wasn’t given any timescale for when the new changes would become available, other than “soon,” but foundations needed for the excitement to kick into top gear.

Now that the updates gone live, but quite a bit actually. Kicking things off, we have the inclusion of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and over 80 other Pokemon which were “originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games.

What makes sense to fans of those games, si the arrival of these new Pokemon will likely trigger that hit that we gamers love so much. Both games were hugely popular, and cross pollination of titles is exactly what the folks behind Pokemon ca do thanks to the game’s huge history and catalog of titles.

Other changes includes part of this update of new encounters, which is same as it says on the tin; Pokemon will react slightly differently to what we’ve been used to seeing to so far.

Players will also get new Berries – Nanab and Pinap – from various PokeStops. New evolution’s also also been part of the bigger changes, which allows Pokemon discovered in the Kanto region to evolve into critters discovered in the Jotho region.


Topping it off, Niantic Labs also expanded the wardrobe feature so you can go about your adventure in style. A major update of Pokemon Go has been long overdue, and it’s great to see Labs keeping up with user-expectations. It’s time for Pokemon Go lovers, going to want to revisit the title now.

Update: Pokemon Go hack for the latest version of the title is now available to download. Here are the details on it to learn: Pokemon Go 1.27.2 / 0.57.2 Hack Released [Download Now].

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