Download: Pokemon Go 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 Announced, What’s New & Anything Changed?

Developer Niantic has started to release download of Pokemon Go 1.29.1 for iOS and 0.59.1 for Android version of the game. The new versions for the game are being pushed out to both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store right now. Here’s what has been changed with the announcement of Pokemon Go iOS and Android app versions 1.29.1 and 0.59.1. While the hype surrounding Pokemon Go is nowhere near the levels that it was months ago. Still the game is hugely popular and all updates are greeted with equal parts excitement and skepticism as users wonder what Niantic is adding and indeed tweaking with.

Although Niantic is rolling out the latest version of 1.29.1 of Pokemon Go for iOS and Pokemon Go v0.59.1 to Android players, should eventually access to those new versions of Pokemon Go IPA or APK. According to the post in which the updates were announced, Niantic’s developers are not adding a huge amount of data this time around, with “the 7-day ‘First PokéStop of the Day’ streak will now award a random Evolution item” and “minor text fixes” being the only changes added in this new version.

Historically, Niantic has simply listed “fixes” in when updating its Pokemon Go game, though the addition of a new reward for a 7-day ‘First PokeStop of the Day‘ steak will be of interest to fans of the game, with no doubt.

Pokemon Go is a free-of-charge app, downloadable for both Android and iOS which includes various in-app purchases. The game launched last year to much fanfare and acclaim, thiough as time has passed it is far to say that the title does not demand the same level of excitement as it once did.

However, Pokemon and indeed the Pokemon Go game do both have a hardcore fanbase which will continue to experience the franchise and play the game long after the more fickle gamers have moved on. It’s has been determined that Niantic to continue its work on the game, and given the pace earning potential that should perhaps not come as too big of a surprise to anyone.

Already mentioned, download for version 1.29.1 for iOS and 0.59.1 for Android are still being rolled out on respective app channels and should be available to download for you depending on the region you are in live now.

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