Download: Pokemon Go 1.33.4 / 0.63.4 For iOS And Android Rolling Out

The latest Pokemon Go download of version 1.33.4 for iOS and 0.63.4 for Android is rolling out now. Here are the details.

The folks over at Niantic continue to work hard at making Pokemon Go the very best that it can be, also pushed out Pokeland alpha APK for Android recently, which is the next-generation game in Pokemon Foundation series. To that end there are two new updates arriving today with version 0.63.4 for Android and 1.33.4 for iOS devices arriving on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Both the new versions of Pokemon game should probably be downloaded if you are a huge fan of the Pokemon Go, while the update that brings oodles and oodles of new features to the game. In fact, Niantic’s own announcement post is only one line long, though it does states what gamers can look forward to as part of the update.

Trainers, Pokémon GO is being updated to version 0.63.4 for Android and 1.33.4 for iOS to implement bug fixes.

There are also some tweaks when in under the hood, with bug fixes and the like often sneaked in with little fanfare. After all, why promote that yout wares were less than watertight before hand?

The two biggies (Niantic and Nintendo) committed to support the Pokemon Go mobile game long after its release and the initial buzz which saw about everyone on the planet seemingly playing it at some point. We doubt that Pokemon Go will ever cease to be relevant. Otherwise, how else can you walk around the real world after all and catch (sort of) real Pokemon using nothing but the magic bar of electronics in your hand?

Nowhere. That’s where!

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