Pokemon Magikarp Jump Released For iOS And Android, Download Now

You can now download Pokemon Magikarp Jump IPA for iOS and APK for Android device right away. Here are the details on this latest mobile game to come out of Nintendo.

Pokemon Go has proven itself to be one of the most popular and of course addictive games of all time over the last twelve months, and with that successful iterations, has convinced The Pokemon Company to release a new version of its series. In the hope of continuing and capitalizing on the success of Pokemon Go, the company behind it has released a new and official game for both iOS and Android devices which purely focuses on everyone’s favorite useless fish; Magikarp. Allow us to introduce you to Magikarp Jump now.

Since it’s been our favorite Pokemon characters from over the years. Some gamers and fans of the TV show love the cute little Pikachu. While others like the ratest of the rare creatures or the most powerful ones who can do the most destruction. Everyone else may choose the rooths for the underdog and appriciates the spectacular simplicity of the sideways fish who doesn’t actually seem to have much power and doesn’t seem to have or do much of anything. Until it involves into the beast that is Gyarados obviously when it reaches level 20.

That’s where the creature in this new game focuses on. The new creation essentially puts the game in charge of catching a number of Magikarp with the sole intention of training that little water critter to be able to jump as high as it possibly can. Considering that jumping is very much all that Magikarp can do, it makes it perfect sense that this is the area being focused on. Naturally, once they have been caught, gamers are able to feed it berries and apply different training techniques to take its jumping abilities to the next level.

And, this isn’t a replacement for Clash of Clans, though, or even a replacement for Pokemon Go for that matter. It’s simply a fun and compelling title with beautiful graphics and visuals that look to gets gamers hooked with its simple and easy gameplay.

Fan of Pokemon and of the Magikarp in particular, then you will definitely likely love what’s going on in this free-to-play title. Have fun with Magikarp and its jumping.

You can download the game right now for free from the relevant app store for your device.

(Download: Pokemon Magikarp Jump for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)
(Download: Pokemon Magikarp Jump for Android from Google Play Store)

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