PS4 5.50 Final Firmware Version Download Released With Supersampling, Family Management, More

You can now download PS4 5.50 final firmware version with Supersampling and Family Management features among several other things.

Those owners of a PS4 or PS4 Pro fans, who have been waiting for a good news to power it on ahead of actually wanting to play any games, are now able to download the system software 5.50 update.

Following a beta testing program, Sony has today released version 5.50 system software to the wider audience, and it can be downloaded and installed directly from the console itself.

In fact, if you want to connect to any network services, you will have to perform the update before your PS console will let you do so.

What are the changes you will find under the hood with PS4 firmware 5.50 is the biggest, the new supersampling feature that has been added to the PS4 Pro. This feature allows owners of Sony’s updated and most powerful product PS4 to use that additional grunt to improve how their games look, even if they are not connected to a 4K TV.

If so, you are playing your games on a 1080p display, or a 2K gaming monitor, your PS4 Pro can now be instructed to supersample the in-game graphics, theoretically improving them without the need for a fancy new TV.

And if you don’t own a PS4 Pro and have children (kids), then it’s likely the new parental controls added in version 5.50 will catch up your eye the most. The new feature allows parents to monitor their youth’s play time, that too, with the ability to set times also included so as to avoid infant sitting up all night when they should be sound asleep. On-screen messages will tell juvenile when their allotted game time is up, and anything over that time will be logged. Parents who trust their youngsters even less can force the console to log users out once a time limit has been reached.

Fans of the Library will again be pleased to know that changes to this area of the system update include the ability to show all of the software installed, all of the purchases made by specific users and all PlayStation Plus games that have been downloaded.

The new PS4 5.50 system update is available for free. Can be downloaded right now, as we suggest you do it before your next gaming session!

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