Download: Public Beta 4 Of iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4 and Dev Beta 4 Of tvOS 10.2 Released

Apple has made available public beta 4 seeds of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 for download to users registered as testers on Apple Beta Software Program.

Within 24 hours after issuing to developers, the fourth betas of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 are now available for all public testers to download onto a compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacBook, or iMac.


Although the new beta releases not only gets iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 closer to public consumption, rather also instantly expands the pool of individuals testing for stability.

iOS 10.3 Beta 4

Doesn’t exactly ship with tons of new features or user-facing improvements, as expected. Beta 4 of iOS 10.3 include a new message on screen which informs users of an impending reboot when they hold a button during an update process. Apple has also issued some fixes for sounds made when Find My iPhone locates AirPods, alongside providing some love around the iCloud backups process.

Apart from major changes, we now have a platform that looks to take a step closer to a public release, which will bring a new internal file system, called Apple File System or APFS. This platform also introduces CarPlay improvements, Siri improvements and more. There’s a powerful access to SiriKit to allow developers to produce better and more powerful voice-capable applications for iPhone and iPad.

Those individuals already having a beta configuration profile installed on your device, can right away grab this latest release via the Software Update section through the native Settings app (Settings > General > Software Update). New to this? You can head over to to get up and running with public tests.

macOS 10.12.4 Beta 4

If you’re one of those testing the macOS platform will be able to take advantage of the new Night Shift mode which automatically changes the color temperature of the display. Apple has also introduced a new found ability for developers to reply directly to App Store reviews on their apps.

New inclusions? this release of beta 4 is indeed a bug fix and development seed which apparently looks to get it ready for public release via the Mac App Store. For those interested in testing but are new to this can head over to beta, to register themselves in Apples Beta Software Program and get started. Already have a previous beta of macOS installed? Head over to Updates tab on Mac App Store to grab the latest version of macOS 10.12.4 beta.

Update x1: Apple has also made available to download tvOS 10.2 beta 4 to developers.

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