Download: Raspberry Pi PIXEL Linux Desktop OS For Windows And Mac Released

You can now run Raspberry Pi PIXEL – Linux-based operating system on your Windows PCs and Mac systems. Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced (Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight) desktop OS for both Mac and Windows back in September. Here are the details on how to install on your old computers.

Bootable OS
The newest Raspberry Pi OS, PIXEL is very slick, but it always limited to just the Raspberry Pi. Now, you have the chance to test drive it on your Mac or PC too. After the company taking three months of time to work on its full-compatibility, has today launched an experimental version of the Linux-based Debian OS ‘PIXEL’ for x86 platforms.

Officially it is here. Raspberry Pi has made available for download PIXEL – a lightweight operating system with a clean desktop UI as an early version of 32-bit Mac and Windows computers. With all the much-needed applications you require such as Office suite, Browser, Educational Games and programming tools, Pixel OS brings with it all the glory of Raspberry Pi.

Since it uses eminent i386 architecture, it runs even on vintage machines with at least 512MB of RAM. Because of its lightweight nature, this is a prototype which likely be having minor issues on some hardware configurations, as per the company.

Many schools and students have older PCs sitting around doing nothing, and this can breathe new life into them. And porting PIXEL beyond Raspberry Pi will help ensure it’s as good as it can be,” said Raspberry Pi Founder Eben Upton.

To use PIXEL. Download the image file from here and you just need to burn a live DVD or live USB. Boot from that and you are in to experience the real joy of the Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS on your old computers running Windows or macOS platforms. The Raspberry Pi Foundation recommends using Etcher, an easy-to-use tool that simplifies making a bootable DVD or USB.

The PIXEL desktop on Raspberry Pi

While the PIXEL is pretty identical to its Pi-counterpart, minus Minecraft and Wolfram Alpha, since these licenses don’t extend past their Raspberry Pi hardware. You can find more details on the PIXEL installation right from its official blog below.

(PIXEL for PC and Mac)

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