Download: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wallpapers Leaked Online Right Now

Thanks to the handy leak. You can now download all of the purported Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers to your handset. Here are the details.

The Galaxy Note 8 isn’t being announced for a two few more weeks, but given its proximity to public testers, the inevitability of leaks increases day by day. Apparently, we know what it looks like, what features it will have, and today we have a series of wallpapers that will ship on the phone come September.

All eyes right now seem to be on Apple and its impending iPhone 8 release, but Samsung has its own kind of flagship unveil just around the corner with the Galaxy Note 8, and the excitement is growing ahead of the official announcement that will take place this month on August 23.

Similarly, how new wallpapers are soft, abstract and bucolic just outed before Galaxy S8 launch, and what exactly you want to see when you turn on an Infinity Display, the same happened with the Galaxy Note 8’s wallpapers.

Interested in taking them for a spin on your phone? Hit up the gallery below and get downloading!

As everyone is looking to Samsung to see how things pan out this time around. No matter what though, it is highly unlikely snything can come close to going as badly wrong as it did last time out with the disastrous Note 7.

Those who really want to be more excited for the Galaxy Note 8, then rejoice, because you can get your very own taste of it right away, no matter what smartphone you have in your pocket. Don’t think these are already been treated to a glimpse of the wallpapers that will ship on the device when it is released. Out your hands on now to download 13 of them as well, thanks to an upload. The thread has since been deleted, but as you’d expect, the wallpapers have been re-uploaded by a number of sources.

Some good folks over at SamsungVN have compiled a collection of 13 images which are said to be the official Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers. These are the only wallpapers that will ship alongside the Galaxy Note 8 but the thirteen available here are the usual array of gradients and fancy artistry, and if you have a Galaxy S8, then you will know exactly the kinds of wallpapers to expect. Most of these are unique though, so if you want to get your hands on a new wallpaper, this would be a great place to start.

Dimensions: Each one is 2560×2560 resolution though, so there will need to be some scaling going on no matter what – bear that in mind when making your wallpaper choice.

Because, the Galaxy Note 8 features a 6.3-inch display, Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM while looking similar to the Galaxy S8 on the outside, these wallpapers looks very bright and wide.

You can now download the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers pack for free from here.

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