Download: TuTuApp For Android APK And iOS IPA Here [Latest Version]

The TuTuApp is originally a cracked version app store that lets you download APK files, games with modified cheats enabled on your Android and also support pretty decently on iOS after installing its IPA without jailbreaking your iOS 10-10.2 running iPhone and iPad. Latest version of the app download can be installed or sideloaded directly onto your iOS or Android devices with no root or jailbreak.

For those of you want to play Pokemon Go without leaving your house (perhaps you are disabled or simply cannot go outside due to weather or crime), you will definitely want to use Pokemon Go hack for Android and iOS devices. As we have something for you here: Pokemon Go 1.29.1 And 0.59.1 Hack Now Available To Download

This method works with those devices running Android 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, or 5.1.1 Lollipop and does not require any Root. For iOS, it supports up to iOS 10.2.1 [No Jailbreak Required].

Before we go further and detail about the latest TuTu Helper, you should know what TuTuApp is and how it works seamlessly. Both relies on the similar functionality in providing access to a range of ‘hacked’ app experiences. Actually, it was only possible when your iOS device is jailbroken to get access to a world of tweaks and app experiences which previously hasn’t been available to install some of those apps straight onto an iOS device without able to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad or use the App Store. Alternatively, the app works like a Cydia store on a jailbroken iOS 10 device. With the help of, we have already published a step-by-step guide on how you can easily download and install TuTuApp on iOS 10 without jailbreak or a need of a computer.

Update x1: The updated version 0.33.0 and 0.35.0 now works, only just needed is to keep suing 0.33.0 modded Pokemon Go and don’t update it to the latest.

Now, about an APK file

This is a file and app that can be installed on any Android smartphones or tablet devices. using the new APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your device. You don’t even need a rooted Android device to install TuTuApp APK file. Make it easy now?

First: Launch TuTuApp on your device, then, download Pokemon Go APK right from there. Once done!

Second: Simply launch Pokemon Go game after downloading, where, you should be able to change GPS location (GPS-spoofing/Fake) and a joystick will appear so you can easily play the game without leaving your home.

Note: Make sure to set your GPS mode to “high accuracy” otherwise the hack will not work as expected.

Currently, TuTuApp has removed Pokemon Go, though you can download the modified Pokemon Go APK here instead. This hack works just fine.

Installing APK files is not that enthusiastic now, you have to make sure ‘Unknown Sources‘ are checked ‘On‘ in Settings to install APK. It’s very much recommended to use a file explorer such as ES File Explorer, available to download on the Google Play Store for free, to install these apps.

In any case, if you want to uninstall APK file, navigate to Settings -> Apps or Settings -> App Manager depending on your Android device.


In order to get cracked free & paid apps, games and other software downloads and installs on your iOS and Android, TuTuApp is very much helpful.

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