How To Install TuTuApp Helper On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Here’s how you can download and install the TuTuApp Helper app on iOS 11 running iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. No jailbreak is required for this to work. All you need is a little bit of patience in order to get a great installer app settle on your device. There is an option of doing this entirely independently of a computer if you so wish.

First thing first, TuTuApp Helper is a third-party installer app which instantly gives iOS users access instantly to an array of modified apps and tweaks which have been only possible and available to jailbroken devices due to App Store limitations.

TuTuApp Helper iOS 11

And of course, you should be thankful for the magic of sideloading and being able to install apps with an enterprise or developer certificate over-the-air outside of Apple’s environment. Users now have the ability to get these new experiences on their devices without having to be running a jailbreakable firmware.

For those that may not be in the know, TuTuApp Helper works on iOS 11 which has only been out in the wild for a matter of days. Before installation, you should take on board all of the necessary info. It is a must due diligence of TuTu Helper, and decided that it is the right installation for you on your iOS 11 powered Apple devices. Then we have all of the necessary information here to help you proceed.

Interested in getting TuTuApp Helper installed on your device entirely by using the phone or tablet itself then you can follow our guide on the topic here. Trust me, this involves web-based installation method and will work both on iOS 11 and iOS 10 devices.

Alternatively, you can also do it via your computer, and much more comfortable with tried and tested methods. Sideload? You can get the same results using either Xcode 7 or higher or Cydia Impactor. Another guidelines here, which also includes link to downloadable IPA file of TuTuApp. This method will work on both iOS 11 and iOS 10 devices.

Both of aforementioned methods were originally put together for devices running iOS 10 but both have also been stringently tested on iOS 11 and work perfectly well. Make sure to browse through everything on offer to find out exactly what’s right for you.

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