Download: Google Play Music Update Adds New Options For Sound Quality, More

The latest update to Google Play Music gives users the ability to take control over the quality of the music stream on their phone. Now a new version of Google Music brings a few new quality choices when streaming over a cellular connection of Wi-Fi. Before this, users could only adjust the playback quality of wireless streaming only, now, with the update rolled out, users can control wireless streaming quality, Wi-Fi streaming quality and download quality. Here are the details you need to know.

The update to Google Music gets a new era of option that include the Wi-Fi streaming quality which is set on “Always- High” by default, which will stream music in high quality no matter what the network conditions are like. This option is available on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections, where previously, using WiFi meant that users had no choice of streaming quality, and could only stream in the highest quality no matter how good or bad the network connection at hand was. Wi-Fi users can also choose to stream music in lower qualities, as of this latest update.

Finally, all of the music quality option are also available to download. Other options include “Low,” “Normal,” and “High.” The problem with having the quality on high is that you might see more buffering than normal.

Download Quality has three choices which are “High,” “Normal,” and “Low.” By default, Download Quality is set on “Normal.” If you set the quality to high, you will be consuming more of your native storage when downloading a song. To change your settings, go to the hamburger menu in the top left of the Google Play Music app and click on, well, settings.

Although these new options being available mean that audio snobs on cellular networks can now choose to stream the highest possible quality files no matter how their network conditions are, this does probably not increase the overall quality that the Play Music app can store and play music in; it’s still capped at 320Kbps, and non-MP3 files that are imported, regardless of bitrate, will be re-encoded as 256Kbps MP3 file. Content played locally using Google Music app, as before, remain unaffected by in-app content quality settings.

This update for Android carries software version 5.5.4518 and is the process of rolling out immediately. To expedite the process, once the Google Play Store app and tap on the hamburger meno on the upper left. Click on My apps & games, scroll to Google Play Music and tap on update.

To install Google Play Music on your respected devices, check on the appropriate link (Android|iOS)

Update x1: The update to Google Play Music also comes on heels of another update to the music app that allowed users to quickly jump back to songs that they had played recently. But this update is in testing process, the official Play Music app update to version number 7.5 brings the quality choice changes to all users. You ca use these new quality options of your device. The update currently live in the Play Store for all users, and if you haven’t received as yet, try rebooting your device, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or both.

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