Download VLC 360: App Version VLC 3.0 Brings 360-Degree Video Playback To Windows And Mac

You are now free to download VLC 360 (VLC 3.0) Technical Preview on Windows and Mac to experience playback 360-degree videos on your computer.

Popular open-source cross-platform media player VLC has added support for 360-degrees to its desktop versions, VR headsets etc. Of course, it’s being a preview version of VLC Media Player, 360-degree may not be the future of video, much like the way that 3D never was, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place and let’s be absolutely honest here, it’s pretty damned awesome.

In this case the fact is so awesome that we are pleased to learn that the ever popular video player software VLC has a new preview of version 3.0 available for download, with the update including support for, the actual, 360-degree video. To make 360-degree video formats live on VLC player, VideoLAN teamed up with San Francisco-based Giroptic Inc. The company which makes a 2K video, 4K photo capable virtual reality camera named “360cam”.

The update brings in a new, easy way for windows and Mac users to experience 360-degree on their computers, though seeing as no Macs (and even PCs for that matter) include the hardware required to allow users to move the point of view in the same fashion to how they would with Android smartphones, support for mouse and keyboard maneuvering is included in this version.

This new capability will arrive with VLC 3.0 that provide playback of 360-degree videos following the Spatial Video spec, 360-degree photos and panoramas following the Spherical spec, display modes including zoom, Little Planet and reverse Little Planet. By the way, these features are open source, and fully cross-platform that accelerated with OpenGL and Direct3D11.

The same 360-degree playback features will be available for iOS, Android, and Xbox One. Mobile versions of VLC 360 support will make use of phone sensors to ignate navigation, while VLC plans to support virtual reality headsets such as Vive, Daydream, Oculus and OSVR in 2017. Also the media player will receive 3D audio playback support, including for head tracking headphones in the future.

Alongside support for 360-degree video, the preview of VLC 3.0 with VLC 360 also adds all the aforementioned features. Should anyone wish to download the preview of this new version of VLC – and you can really admits – then there are also samples of both video and panoramas that can be used in order to sample just what VLC 3.0 is capable of showing off.

Currently the VLC media player in version 2.2.24 and has been made available for almost every platform in its stable version. Developers interested in the source code for VLC can grab and compile directly. A suite of media tools and libraries also available to developers try out provided by VideoLAN.

If you do decide to give VLC 3.0 a try, please do remember that it is still in the preview stage, comes with warning as such may not be quite ready for the prime time. Users can expect VLC version 3.0 to arrive sometime around the end of the month.

You can download VLC 360 (VLC 3.0) Technical Preview for Windows from here, and VLC for Mac from here.

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