Download: VLC Media Player And Other Apps Optimized For iPhone X

A handful of popular apps have been optimized for iOS 11.2 running iPhone X, gets support for VLC’s 4K HEVC Videos as well. Alongside, Skype, Tidal, Feedly, LINE, Viber, PlayStation Vue, Band of America also optimized for iPhone X.

Now that the popular video player app VLC is optimized for the iPhone X, it also brings support for 4K videos format of HEVC. iPhone X has been available for some time now, many app developers have started rolling out updates that better user interface of their apps on the 5.8-inch iPhone X’s OLED display.

VideoLAN has once again gained quick access to the latest features of the iPhones. The VLC media player app has returned to App Store in 2015 after being rejected and pulled back. Later the same app was launched for Apple TV, enabling for wider format playback. The update also fixes app termination issues on devices running iOS 7 and above, which also includes some bug fixes.

There’s a new version 2.8.6 of the VLC media player has been made available for iPhone X via App Store. In order to grab and install it, simply uninstall and reboot again.

Other apps now support the iPhone X’s new screen size, rather than having a letterbox design with black bars at the top and bottom. If you have an iPhone X and use any of these apps, check the App Store’s Updates tab to ensure you have the latest version installed.

(Download: VLC Media Player for iOS from App Store)

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