WhatsApp Looks To Bring Back The Old Text Status Update

WhatsApp’s latest Snapchat like Status update seems to not received well by 1.8 billion users on both Android and iPhone, rather many have requested to bring back the old status feature with simple text. Now, it looks like WhatsApp thinking again and all set to give users the old status update.

Old WhatsApp Status coming back again
Launched a new status feature a couple of days ago, which WhatsApp meant to make the app more engaging. Users could share their daily activities via pictures, GIFs and videos. But unfortunately, no text option was present, hence, users would better prefer to make do with inserting whatever text in the image that’s quite easy from the use of the app. Moreover, stickers and drawings can be added to these images. Also read: WhatsApp Status Feature Gets Overhauled, Here’s How It Works

Although this made sense, a lot of WhatsApp users seem to feel very uncomfortable with the new update, especially with the removal of the old status feature. Many out there asking for the Old status to the new, and some wanted both. WhatsApp seem to be aware of this and took the step to eradicate the undigested situation with the release of Android beta.

Currently, the Old status feature is currently in beta state, we should expect it’d be out to the public in the coming weeks. You can now download WhatsApp Android beta version 2.17.95 of the update that sees the revival of the old status message feature. Also read: WhatsApp Beta For Android Adds New Emojis From iOS 10.2 To 7.1 Nougat

Version 2.17.95 of WhatsApp Android app lets you keep simple text and emoji based status which will stay as long as you want it to be there and won’t disappear after 24 hours. Thankfully, WhatsApp will still retain the new status feature, but you are left with more options, meaning that you can choose to update text via the default status feature, or else going a bit further with the new one.

In order to get the update, you simply tap the three dots on top right corner and check out Settings. Tap on your phone, you’ll see ‘About and phone number’. The usual stock status messages are back and you choose from, including Available, Busy, At Work and others.

Note: Finally, you have received the old status WhatsApp messages feature back again, but still there is the new status feature and users will have an option to choose from. In addition, WhatsApp now gets separate buttons for voice, video calls. Before acting, users would have to tap on the call button that gives you option to choose from voice call or video call. Furthermore, the attachment icon has now been moved from the top to bottom of the screen, inside the text box to the camera icon.

The choice of reverting back to old WhatsApp status is totally yours. Makes sense huh?

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