How To Get WhatsApp++ On iOS 11 iPhone Without Jailbreak

You being an iPhone or iPad user can download WhatsApp++ IPA on iOS 11 immediately. No jailbreak is required for this to work on.

Here’s the basic requirements of using WhatsApp messaging. It offers everything you would expect from WhatsApp and its desktop-based WhatsApp Web Messenger. With the addition of new features like Stealth Mode, custom themes, the ability to send unlimited media items per message and even passcode and Touch ID support for those who really want to lock the app down from intruder use is included. Jump right in and see how to get it on your device.

Enhancements in Whatsapp++

Step 1: As said, you’ll need something in getting the WhatsApp++ experience on your non-jailbroken iOS 11 device. That is the necessary IPA file. Rest assured that we aren’t going to make you trawl through online mess to find the necessary file, so with that in mind, you can access it immediately from here and then continue following the instructions below.

Step 2: Now that this includes the WhatsApp++ file, so, you need to start thinking about getting it onto your iPhone or iPad. And you’re not going to do this directly through the official App Store so you have two other options to do this. Check out the links provided below for your preferred method and make sure to jump back into this page when it’s installed:

Step 3: Congratulations! WhatsApp++ should now be installed on your iOS 11 device freely. There’s still a catch. It doesn’t actually run yet. Launch the native Settings app and navigate to General > Profile(s) & Device Management. Hit the profile section where it has been installed with the app and that you need to tell iOS to trust it before it will work.

Step 4: Tap on the profile page and then tap on the ‘Trust‘ button in the middle of the display. If another alert or action sheet is displayed then tap on Trust again. This will make sure the profile part of the iOS trusted sources.


Step 5: Now exit out the and head to the Home screen on your device where the app is installed. Tap on the icon to launch it just like you would with any standard app.

All this about it. Enjoy the WhatsApp++ experience on your non-jailbroken iPhone.

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