Download: WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Spotted In Android Beta V2.16.80 Update, Working!

Since WhatsApp Video Calls inclusion was been in testing over a year now, when a few screenshots leaked in the past, released by a German website utterly showcased Video calling feature in action on WhatsApp for Android update. New WhatsApp beta for Android update version 2.16.80 can be downloaded from Google Play beta testing program, which displays the voice calling and video call features, where the audio calls is functional for now. Not yet functional is the WhatsApp video calling increment.

Nevertheless, the Facebook-owned instant messaging service, WhatsApp has rolled out voice calling a phased manner, initially using an invite-based system before more widely released it across smartphone platforms. Recently, the same messaging service, WhatsApp for iOS and Android pushed its native desktop apps to Windows and Mac OS X platforms, which works similar to what it did with WhatsApp Web with smartphone pairing, it doesn’t need it anymore using on the given PCs.

New WhatsApp strings appears to include ‘Video Call’ option, which can be obtained by updating your app version to by replacing the older version. Available through Google Play Store as an APK.

WhatsApp Video call, in it’s non-functional form, its interface sees no major differences with the introduction of such feature, but it is accessible via the call button within the conversation, along with users being shown the choice of two “Audio call / Video call”.

If you try to place a video call through WhatsApp messenger, you are greeted with a message that reads “Couldn’t place call. Video Calling is unavailable at this time.” The same message will be received by both the caller and your intended client, even using the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android. This version can also be sideloaded and give it a try!

For that to work, you should be living in those countries where WhatsApp Video calling is supported, while some users in a few other countries are able to make video calls, other than India. WhatsApp seems it needs to be activated from the server side, which will go live very soon. Gradually, it will be rolling out to all other regions worldwide through invite, and will initially be made available to other users around the globe like what it did with the WhatsApp voice calling in the past.

Whatever, WhatsApp is said to be working on ‘send group invites via links, QR codes and NFC tags’, as well. Wait and see!

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