Download: Windows 10 Update Assistant For April 2018 Update 1803 Released

The latest Windows 10 Update Assistant is officially available for download. Here, Microsoft has officially released its expected Windows 10 April 2018 update in the form of ISO download and install via Windows Update, bringing with it a slew of updates and improvements, all of which are designed to save each user precious time.

The Redmond-based software firm also done a wonderful job of releasing minor patches and security updates on a regular basis but it’s been a number of months since Windows 10 users have had the ability to get their hands on an update that really gives something new to sink their teeth into.

This April 2018 Update exactly gives each Windows 10 device owner that thanks to new features which have been added into play by Microsoft to try and give users back some of their “greatest currency,” which the company believes is time. If you install this update, the software giant outfit promises that you’ll have more time to “create, play, work, or simply do what you love.”

Indeed by Microsoft, there’s a bold and extremely noble statement. One of the biggest features in this April 2018 Update is what Microsoft is calling Timeline. The feature essentially allows device owners to go back 30-days in time to find files, folders, videos, photographs, and anything else that could be spread out over multiple devices with Windows 10 installed.

In fact, the same feature will also allow users to view or interact with content via Microsoft Edge or Office 365 on iOS and Android and then pick it up later date on another device signed in with the same account. With the introduction of Focus Assist to try and help focus the concentration of Windows 10 users in order to get more done without error and distractions.

Microsoft’s new feature intro of Focus Assist will essentially disable notifications and other disturbing things that will take a user’s attention away from the task at hand. For example, if the feature is disabled, either manually or automatically, a summary of incoming notifications will be provided to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Next to speak about is the Microsoft’s Edge browser, this has also had some love and attention paid to it thanks to quick access to the ability to mute or unmute web pages which are playing audio. Reading View pages can also go full-screen for those who want to consume their reading content in whooping full-screen. The update is finished off with additional Edge improvements, dictation functionality to take notes and memos, and of course the ability to manage a smart home through Cortana directly from a Windows 10 device.

The Windows 10 April 2018 Update can be downloaded right now, it’s a free update. Get the Windows 10 Update Assistant tool from here to get started. You can also get this update via other means as well, such as in ISO form, or via Media Creation Tool, and even via Windows Update.

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