Download: Windows 10 Creators Update 15063 ISO Available Prior Its Official Launch

Microsoft has made available to download Windows 10 Creators Update build 15063 RTM ISO files available a bit early to those who want to install it ahead of its official launch. What’s unknown is that, Microsoft has not yet confirmed that Windows 10 build 15063 is the final RTM, shipping Creators Update but sources have apparently suggested that this is the build version that Microsoft employees are internally dubbing the Release To manufacturing, or RTM build. Here are the details.


Using Microsoft’s update assistant, you can install Windows 10 Creators Update, which actually started blocking Flash with the previous test build, also Microsoft Edge do the same with untrusted Flash content by default. And Windows 10 users will have a click to run it, while Microsoft Edge has also received Microsoft Wallet support for payments using details stored in a Microsoft Account.

Although Microsoft lets you grab the Windows 10 Creators Update a little early, as ISOs appeared on Microsoft’s servers for what was presumed to be the ‘RTM’ build for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. With PCs and phones in the Insider Fast ring (PCs on the Slow ring, and consoles on the Xbox Insider Program) all running Windows 10 build 15063. Microsoft hasn’t officialy confirmed Windows 10 build 15063 as the final Creators Update, but it’s said that it is making the final version of its Windows 10 Creators Update available to those who want to install the update before its made official.

Spotted ISO files for Windows 10 build 15063 on software giant’s servers, this particular build will be released generally next month, with some reports suggesting the Windows 10 Creators Update could be available during April’s Patch Tuesday on April 11th. Here what we have are two installation files, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit compatibility, can be downloaded straight from Microsoft’s servers as part of the update pushed out to those on the fast and slow rings for Windows Insiders.

Again, it is believed that this is the same build which will be pushed out to the public when the update goes live next month, possibly on the 11th as part of that month’s Patch Tuesday event.

Initially, the new Update Assistant would not allow users to actually download the build, but now, as Twitter user WZor tweets, Microsoft has enabled the download, allowing users to immediately update their systems to Windows 10 build 15063. Those installing Windows afresh can use ISO downloads as a new installation media if needed, touch, those with Windows already installed can also mount those same ISOs and run the Setup.exe file and update via that method.


Looking for the final update will likely, be published via Windows Update for those that do not want to install this version themselves, perhaps preferring the more automated process over one which involves downloading ISO files manually.

Further patches and additions to the Creators Update will follow soon, to arrive in due course, and those will be delivered via the now familiar Windwos Update mechanism that PC users have become accustomed to over the years. Timescales for those updates are not yet known, however.


If the Creators Update is that you’ve had your eye on, feel free to grab the required file(s) now and get your updating on!

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