Microsoft Makes Windows 10 S Available To Download For Everyone

Microsoft has just made available to download Windows 10 S – a new operating system for everyone after making ISOs last week. During an event in May, that was aimed at the educational market.

Introduced Windows 10 S, Microsoft-verified security & superior performance that lasts and streamlined. With cloud convenience, the power of Microsoft Edge and Windows Store apps, the new operating system is very dynamic and moreover very secured.

Back in May. Microsoft announced its latest version of Windows. Named Windows 10 S. The new OS is different in that it can only run applications that are downloaded from the Windows Store, making it absolutely perfect for use in an educational setting.

Your applications are delivered via the Windows Store ensuring Microsoft-verified security and integrity. While Microsoft Edge is your default browser since it’s more than Chrome or Firefox. Windows Defender and all ongoing security features of Windows 10 are included in one place.

Designed Windows 10 S for superior performance that lasts, start-ups are quick and built to stay that way. One more thing with Microsoft Edge your online experience runs fast and safew. Stream HD video, switch across apps and stay productive on the go.

Enjoy multi-taking with snap, task view and virtual desktops. Also get the suite of built-in apps and newest innovations like Cortana, Windows Ink and Windows Hello for password-free sign-on.

Windows 10 S integrates with a Cloud convenience plus the power of apps. With OneDrive files are saved to the cloud, in sync and accessible from your devices. Use compatible apps available only from the Windows Store. If you need to use professional tools or would rather run non-Store apps, you can easily and affordably switch to Windows 10 Pro.

Furthermore, the Windows 10 S is streamlined to work exclusively with apps downloaded and installed from Windows Store. Microsoft’s own Surface Laptop was the first machine to ship with Windows 10 S installed and Microsoft made ISO images of the software available to MSDN subscribers last week.

Today, Microsoft has made Windows 10 S available to everyone. Smile please! However, not all good news on the eligibility front.

See, Windows 10 Home users are not eligible to get Windows 10 S on their systems, meaning you need to be running Windows 10 Pro, Pro Education, Education, or Enterprise Editions in order to install the latest big thing to come out of MS.

Officially, now Microsoft says that the newly available release is designed to allow those in education to ensure that everything they need and use is compatible with Windows 10 S, though, the installation process will work for anyone assuming the prerequisites we already mentioned earlier are met.

Otherwise, those who got their hands on Windows 10 S ISOs via less than legitimate means following the MSDN release last week, too. If you fall into that category, you should be able to successfully activate your installation as of right now.

Note: Microsoft does warn that not all peripherals may be 100% functional if they require custom drivers, but that is something that should be clarified (rectified) in due course. Anyone who does try Windows 10 S and then wants to undo their hard work will also be able to switch back to Windows 10 Pro via the Windows Store, too.

You can learn how to download and install Windows 10 S from Microsoft’s portal here. Try it yourself!

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