Download Windows 10 Update Assistant For Creators Update Now

Here’s how you can download Windows 10 Update Assistant tool so that you can grab Creators Update ISOs using it early before the full global rollout.

For a head start on Windows 10, today is the day when Creators Update is available for those who know the magic incantation that is required to get the ball rolling. There are a couple of ways out there to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update, or else, you can either install it via Windows Update, using Media Creation tool. Or download Windows 10 with Anniversary Update ISO and then perform a clean install. Now that there’s another solution for downloading an ISO and installing it on your PC, it’s called.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

It is actually simply a case of downloading a small app. That app thankfully is the Windows 10 Update Assistant. Microsoft has released this tiny ‘Windows 10 Update Assistant’ utility to help users easily get the Creators Update.

As the name suggest, the Windows 10 Update Assistant is a tool which eager downloaders can use in order to get their hands on Anniversary or Creators Updates images a little earlier than those who opt to wait for the usual Windows Update channels to work their magic. One can simply download the tool now, install it, and have your hands on a copy of the Creators Update with minimal fuss. It’s all super easy with an ease.

Steps to download and use Windows 10 Update Assistant to install Creators Update.

Get the Update Assistant all installed and ready to rock and roll. Once all ready to go, downloading the Creators Update is only a matter of minutes away, before assuming that you have a nice and fast internet connection of course, albeit some users reported still getting an older version of download, which don’t install Creators Update.

The Update Assistant is extremely very easy to use and only requires users to click a few buttons for installation.

The Windows 10 Creators Update has been eagerly awaited and promises to bring a raft of new and improved features to the platform. Most people will be able to appreciate some of the new additions in this update, whether that be the new 3D Paint app or support for 4K built-in Beam broadcasting for gamers.

Windows introduces the next wave of innovation with the Windows 10 Creators Update, giving you new creativity and gaming experiences built around the people who matter most. Do amazing things in 3D and virtual reality, quickly connect and share with your key people, and enjoy epic gaming with 4K fidelity and game broadcasting.

If you’re upgrading to Creators Update today, keep i mind that Microsoft has always encountered some sort of technical issues with major new releases. Tiny bugs or debiliating errors are to be expected, and although you decide to update, don’t be surprised if you run into a blue screen.


Users that choose to wait until April 11 will receive the Creators Update package via the Windows Update utility following its official launch.

Download the Windows 10 Update Assistant from Microsoft here, and also get the Creators Update today!

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