Drop Test Concludes iPhone X Is “Most Breakable iPhone Ever” As Also Much Expensive To Repair

After reading and looking at the video we are a bit surprised by Apple words saying the iPhone X has the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone. But according to the drop tests proves itself Apple is wrong, it showed that glass back and concrete still don’t play well together.

Before this we already published a post speaking about the drop tests of iPhone X, in the first attempt of dropping iPhone X, it cracked the glass and stainless steel frame. Now, with another YouTube test done by a company that provides extended warranties for electronic devices, found that iPhone X’s glass back and lack of a home button makes it “the most breakable iPhone ever.”

SquareTrade says and shows it live. Not only did the iPhone X’s glass shatter when dropped on its front and back from a height of six feet, but the display (which is OLED) also malfunctioned. Keep in mind that pocket height for most people is about three feet.

However, it doesn’t matter how many times you read it, referring to something as highly breakable. iPhone X is definitely expensive to repair after that inevitable break. One of the first tests was to drop the iPhone X from a height of approximately six feet. The device’s bezel-less display may be stunning, and the height was enough to make the display malfunction. With a front drop from the same height to shatter the display, also caused the excellent Face ID to entirely fail. And dropping the hardware from the same height back was enough to shatter the back glass panel.

The level of damage suffered from these tests is more than on other devices, and other iPhone models for that matter. Granted, leading the iPhone X to be given a Breakability score of 90. When compared with the results of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 awarded a Breakability Score of 80, Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus scored 67, and the iPhone 8 of 74 rankings.

But the fact here is that these are anything scientific tests. There will always be individuals who regularly drop their iPhone X with nothing but cosmetic marks, but remains that if you do damage to destroy your device then it is going to be very expensive to repair.

SquareTrade is naturally using the opportunity to push its two-year smartphone protection plan, which was recently reduced to $129 plus a $99 deductible for most claims, in the United States.

While the plan covers cracked screens, liquid damage, battery failure, a Lightning connector failure, and of course, speaker failure. It doesn’t offer a coverage for loss or theft.

Customers of SquareTrade now have an in-home repair option with as lower as $25 deductible to fix cracked screens. This service is currently only available in more than 700 cities across the United States, with new cities added monthly.

A few YouTube channels also tested the iPhone X already, that too in extreme conditions to determine how durable and water resistant the device is.

EverythingApplePro placed the iPhone X in a 20-feet tube of water for 35 minutes without any signs of liquid damage occurring. He also kept the iPhone X inside a running washing machine, and the device still remained functional.

JerryRigEverything is another joy scratched the iPhone X with a utility knife, including the cameras, stainless steel frame, and rear Apple logo. He also tried to bend the device, without much success, and burn the display with a lighter.

As aforementioned, breakability tests are generally unscientific, the videos reveal that even the most durable glass in a smartphone isn’t shatterproof.

(Source: SquareTrade [YouTube] The firm calling iPhone X “the most breakable, highest-priced, most-expensive-to-repair -iPhone, ever.”

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