Dropbox Paid Plan Pricing Upgraded At No Extra Cost As 3TB Storage Tier Is Announced

Dropbox has just announced that its upgraded paid plans which will not affect any additional cost, as Dropbox has announced a new 3TB of cloud-based storage, up from the maximum 2TB that was on offer earlier.

Online storage services like Dropbox, is a big business and though, there are plenty of different companies that all offering users different ways of getting their files into the cloud same are more popular than others.

Dropbox Just Upgraded Paid Plans At No Extra Cost

Dropbox is arguably no different than others, but the biggest player in the cloud space where the company has started today giving users more storage for free.

Dropbox upgraded paid plan pricing has not increased but the company announced its offering to dropbox free users an expanded storage space. For those individuals in Dropbox is now starting to offer a 2TB plan for the first time with Dropbox Professional doubling its available storage from 1TB to 2TB with an existing $16.58 per month price remaining the same, so long as you buy a year’s subscription at once.

Unfortunately, Dropbox Plus users aren’t getting anything new, as users don’t see any change to their 1TB plan, paying the same $8.25 for the same amount of storage which is presumably designed to make people more likely to upgrade to the costlier plan.

Moving on to the Dropbox for business-oriented options, Dropbox Business Standard sees storage increase from 2TB to 3TB with the same $12.50 per user per month cost. Those needing more storage might want to check out the Dropbox Business Advanced option that gets unlimited storage for $20 per user, per month.

According to Dropbox, it will be upgrading existing users over the coming weeks and anyone signing up afresh today will get the new and improved storage plans right away.

Providing a seamless experience for all existing customers, with all their unique account configurations, is of utmost importance. Dropbox is being extra careful in migrating our existing customer accounts to ensure smooth transitions for all to the new 2/3 TB plans.

Indeed, it is possible that this change will see the competition also increase or reduce prices. With Apple expected to also announce new iPhones in September, it’s apparent we could see iCloud storage changes at the same time too.

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