Dual-Lens Camera Of iPhone 7 Plus Photos Have Been Leaked Once Again

What to expect from Apple in September is still unknown and rumors points at iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens camera module, which continue to swirl around the internet, suggesting that the leaked images of potential iPhone parts are their elements, with new photos purportedly showing what appears to be a dual-lens camera setup that could potentially be iPhone-bound.

Today few photos of iPhone 7 Plus directly been leaked, which said coming out of Taiwanese site Apple.club.tw, again shows up a dual camera setup that features one smaller sensor alongside a larger camera base, as well as two connectors that would presumably be used to connect the two shooters to a smartphone’s logic board.

Leaked photographs of what to say of iPhone 7s Plus dual-camera module also tree up well with existing ones, particularly by Chinease site, with both depicting the same part.

Spotted in posts to Chinese social networking site Weibo, and with the leaks being surprisingly accurate in the past, the collection of images from different sources could be more uniquely enough to give some a feeling that the dual camera setup may be likely, specifically equipped inside on the iPhone 7 Plus with the smaller iPhone 7 having to be connect with just a single camera element.

Image from Chuansong.me
However, there isn’t any radical way of knowing if these parts were intended for an iPhone or not, as far as we accompained with rumors existing claims that Apple do have plans and working on to bring a dual camera design to the next-generation iPhone iteration and when there is this smoke flying around, we definitely find it hard to think twice that there won’t be some fire to be found at some point, then.

Image from Apple.club.tw
Again, if all of these does turn to be accurate, it will likely be the result of technology acquired from LinX Imaging, with that resulting images having more clarity. The foolproof evidence is in the eating though, we won’t be able to sharpen our folks until some time in this fall, assuming Apple’s usual iPhone release tempo is maintained.

Image from Weibo

(Source: Apple.club.tw [Google Translate], Chuansong.me [Google Translate], Weibo)

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