Transform iPhone Into A DSLR With RAW Support Using DxO ONE

With 1-inch Sensor have you ever thought about enhancing your already-capable iPhone camera even further. Look no further than DxO ONE, which is a camera accessory for the iPhone that will give you DSLR quality photos right on your smartphone. iPhone accessories are many, like that in the list, this new transformer package can give you something which you haven’t expected until now. Bet that in mind, and go forward to turn your iPhone camera into a DLSR with RAW support. More details on how it can be transformed, and used to achieve that can be found right after this jump.

It comes directly from the reputed name in the photography industry DxO Labs. Introduced DxO ONE – will indeed connect with your iPhone courtesy of the Lightning port and a companion app. Your iPhone will serve as the viewfinder whilst using the DxO ONE’s powerful lens to capture images. The camera can swivel around the Lightning port, turning your iPhone into basically a swivel LCD display, and it can capture RAW files.

Speaking of lens, the ONE is a no-holds barred kind of affair, brings with it 1″ 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with backside illumination, f/1.8-11 aperture, and focal length of 32mm in 35mm equivalent terms. While the sensor size is on par with the Sony RX100 series of compact camera, which produces amazing pictures in terms of image quality and noise in a small-body device, and eventually enable great effects like truly dramatic background blur.

DxO ONE itself is made out of aluminum and swivels 60-degrees, allowing for perfect positioning for almost any kind of shot, which is smaller than the RX100 and by means you’ll have lots more flexibility with the finished product in terms of editing with programs like Adobe Lightroom.

On the software side, DxO claims that the ONE is capable to hold its own against any mid-level DSLR camera, courtesy of a software trick called SuperRAW mode, which is the camera that will capture 4 superimposed RAW images in quick succession and will stitch them together to produce a outstanding output. This same camera is also applicable to videos as well, with the camera capable of shooting 1080p in 30fps setting. Stunning!

Features that DxO ONE has manually adjustable aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, complete with the kinds of picture modes you’d been accompanied on a DSLR or micro four-thirds camera, and evidently it can capture 720p/120fps for slow-motion effects. For storage, DxO stores more images to the on-board microSD card, or to the attached iPhone directly, buy that might take longer than normal.

It sounds awfully familiar, that’s because the DxO concept is nothing new. While casual photography attachments for all kinds of smartphones have existed for a long, long time, Sony upped the game with its QX10 and QX100 cameras a couple of years back, And the Japanese company’s QX1 can basically take any E-mount lenses, including professional DSLR ones – smartphones photography isn’t the same anymore.

While DxO is aiming to grab the markjet that is already niche, and with limiting their product to only the iPhone. DxO One costs $599, and will ship no sooner than September this year.

The DxO ONE is a Plug-In iPhone Camera with a 1-Inch Sensor available for pre-order in the UK right now where it will cost GBP500, respectively.

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