eBay Is Selling iPhone X At A Crazy $6000 Upfront

Although the Apple’s iPhone X pre-orders get sold out in minutes, because of that demand, as expected, vastly outstripped supply. In another news report, Boost Mobile and Vergin Mobile USA will be taking pre-orders for iPhone X on November 10.

What’s crazy news here is that the iPhone X selling for up to $6000 on eBay. If you already missed pre-order and struggling to get an iPhone ahead of Christmas, showing just how popular the latest flagship phone is amongst buyers. The already mentioned point is something you can be crazy of.

iPhone X Retail Box

Before we are unable to know how well an iPhone X is being received, there’s a news on how much they are going for on eBay today. When it comes to the iPhone X, that figures appear to be often reaching around $6,000 for November 3 launch day units.

And of course, it is a high profile device, in-demand piece of consumer technology which will find its way onto eBay now. With those simply unable to grab the iPhone X, and not wait to get their hands on one often willing to pay crazy sums in order to skip the queue. It took mere minutes for the device’s preorders to start popping up on popular auction site eBay. With at least one auction reaching the eye-watering sum of $6,000 USD. There might be other listings costing even more.

The range of X colors and storage configurations available via eBay is wide. If you really do need one iPhone X sooner than later, then you will probably be able to find what you want. People buying products to sell at a profit is something that makes my blood boil. And anyone looking to make a quick buck off of an iPhone X pre-order should not be encouraged.

Just hoping that the auction that was at $6,000 the last time we checked is not originally going to sell at such an extortionate markup.

There is still hope for those unable to get their order in already. As Apple claims that it will have stock available in-store on launch day November 3.

Note: The iPhone X Screen Repair will Cost $549 Without Applecare+

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