Amazon Echo 2 Coming Soon To Compete With Apple HomePad: In Price, Style, Sound And More

The original Amazon Echo is due for an update, as it is getting old enough now. A new report says Echo 2 is in the works, as Amazon is very much interested in developing “a premium Echo-like speaker” with a touch-screen display measuring roughly around 7-inches. Also said Amazon’s next Echo will look like the Apple’s HomePad, and much more. Here are the details you need to know.

Amazon Echo 2 might be coming soon with a totally different look, softer design, cloth covering, and of course better sound. It’s been two years since the e-commerce giant introduced the cylindrical speaker, and hasn’t updated it since, though it has released several other different versions in the form of Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Echo Look, and Echo Show. According to popular sources, Amazon does plan to finally update its first Echo later this year, and by the way, it’s been working already to improve the speaker.

Apple Echo competitor Siri

Everything in the world of home automation devices continues to evolve, with digital assistants becoming the cornerstone of our living spaces and lives. With Apple’s intentions, has signaled to enter that market with the HomePad, and as is to be expected the current king of the den. Amazon meanwhile, isn’t going to lay down and hand over its crown without a light. To compete with Apple’s HomePad, Echo 2 is already in the works and it promises to take that fight right to Apple’s device.

Echo 2 Vs. HomePad

Amazon will supposedly take on Apple’s HomePad, as it will be both shorter and slimmer type – about the size of three or four stacked Dots – and it’ll have a softer design with rounded edges and a cloth-like covering, sort of like the Google Home. In this case, Apple made no secret of the fact that it will be giving the HomePad the technology required to make it a better music listening assistant than Amazon’s Echo or any other smart speaker out there.

Amazon is now aiming to up its game in comparing the two directly, with the Echo 2 set to include a multiple tweeter system that should eventually give it better musical chops, instead of just one large tweeter and a woofer, similar to Apple’s offering. For comparison, the HomePad has seven tweeters.

The new Echo will have better microphone technology as well. Where it currently has an array of seven far-field microphones. Amazon could add more hardware, or it might just improvise the software and acoustic modeling. The shape of the new device will change how the Echo 2 looks when compared to the device it will replace, and will reportedly resemble four Echo Dot devices stacked on top of each other. The current Echo stands a full 9-inches tall, so the smaller form factor will be welcome.

In comparison, the HomePad goes with 7″ tall and 6-inches wide, and if the report outed online is real, then Amazon takes on the sound quality of the HomePad in a form factor much smaller.

There’s also no word on how much it’ll cost. The original Echo is priced at $180 through Amazon, but it is now on sale for just $99. Availability is also not mentioned in the report, but expecting fairly that the Echo 2 will be less expensive than the HomePad – Apple devices will cost $349 hen it goes on sale later this year, whereas the Echo costs more than half of Apple’s now.

(Source: Engadget)

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