Electra 1.0.3 Jailbreak For iOS 11 Release To Fix Freezing Issue [Download]

You can now download Electra 1.0.3 IPA for iOS 11 jailbreak as CoolStar has pushed the latest to fix freezing issue that appears after jailbreaking your device with Electra.

Technically, the freezing error has been randomly occurring for some users who have used Electra to jailbreak their devices on iOS 11.0-11.1.2. It has been already reported in the past, offering a temporary workaround fix for the issue.

With this latest version 1.0.3 of Electra iOS 11 jailbreak release, the problem should be gone once and for all. CoolStar does note that jailbreaking procedure will be a bit slower than usual when using Electra 1.0.3 though due to the fix implemented. But again, it should fix the freezing problem that some clients have been complaining about on their jailbroken iOS 11.0-11.1.2 devices.

Here’s the full official changelog of Electra 1.0.3 detailing the exact changes in this release:

-Revert change to XPC in xpcproxy in beta 11
-Fix intermittent freezing issues that would affect certain devices on beta 10 -> 1.0.2

Electra version 1.0.3 can be downloaded right now from the official Electra website at coolstar.org/electra. Once downloaded, can simply follow our video tutorial on it here in order to jailbreak, or re-jailbreak your device and fix the freezing problem: How To Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 Using Electra With Cydia [Tutorial]

Notably, if you aren’t having any freezing issues, and the jailbreak has been stable for you without an error, you can skip re-jailbreaking your device with Electra 1.0.3 altogether and continue using Electra 1.0.2.

We will keep you updated on all aspects and the latest releases from jailbreak world. As always, stay tuned for more!

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