Electra 1131 Jailbreak Update Version 1.0.2 Released, Here’s What Is New

As mentioned earlier that after rolling out version 1.0.1 update, CoolStar has released a new version 1.0.2 to download.

Team Electra has now updated Electra 1131 jailbreak for iOS 11.2 to 11.3.1 devices up to version 1.0.2. This new and altered version uses “different bundle identifier for mptcp version”, increments” bundle id properly”, and fixes “success rate regression with multipath 1.0.1”.

As we have a complete changelog of Electra version 1.0.2. Given by the team themselves highlighting fixes for errors and issues, as follows:

Use different bundle identifier for mptcp version
Increment bundle id properly
Hopefully fix success rate regression with multipath 1.0.1

The official changelog above gives you an idea and the last bit is an important one to note, as how many people have not able to successfully jailbreak their devices with Electra 1131. Version 1.0.2 of Electra supposedly increases the “success rate regression” with “Dev Account” version of Electra which makes use of multipath tcp exploit.

Those of you previously having issues jailbreaking your device on iOS 11.2-11.3.1 using Electra, can give this latest version a shot to see if it helps fix the problem.

You can download the latest Electra 1131 version 1.0.2 for jailbreaking iOS 11.3.1 from official Electra website over at coolstar.org/electra.

After downloading the required IPA file of Electra, you can then follow the instructions provided by us in step by step guide here on how to go about jailbreaking your device the right way: Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 Using Electra On Any iPhone, iPad Or iPod touch [Tutorial].

If this version 1.0.2 of Electra is successfully able to liberate your device, do let us know in the comments section below.

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