Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak With Cydia Final Version Will Be Released To Public After All

Now that the Electra iOS 11 jailbreak with Cydia final version has taken another turn. Thankfully, one for the better. After all, we have come to know that, CoolStar, the developer of Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.0 through iOS 11.1.2 is set to be quitting very soon, and join over Android Amid’s leaked RC build. With that said, also expected that the developer will put a full stop on the Electra jailbreak development.

Because CoolStar has been part of multiple builds of his Electra Release Candidate with Cydia bundled were leaked online, the developer had produced a little bit of drama by announcing that he is quitting the iOS jailbreak scene completely.

CoolStar had already made builds available to select few developers in order to allow them to get all their tweaks ready ahead of the public release. But with these having found their way into the public domain, CoolStar announced he was done and went so far as to delete his Twitter account completely.

It now looks like we could not only see the Electra jailbreak with Cydia released in final form officially but that CoolStar will also be involved in that release. Little information is available other than tweets from developer nullpixel, which is one working on it alongside CoolStar. In a tweet earlier today, nullriver said that Electra would indeed be finished, with or without CoolStar’s involvement in the project moving forward.

Regardless, in a follow-up tweet, the same developer also confirmed that CoolStar ill indeed be part of making Electra ready for public consumption.

It’s not clear as yet, why the Electra RC1 versions were leaked originally, and while his Twitter account remains deleted at the time of writing. So we can only assume that CoolStar does return to the fold eventually – both in order to complete his work on Electra and to take the plaudits he deserves for making it available at all.

(Source: nullpixel [Twitter])

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