Electra iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Gets A New Update [Download Now]

The latest version of Electra jailbreak toolkit for 64-bit iPhones and iPads which are running iOS 11.0 through iOS 11.1.2 went live to the public recently.

Now, the seventh beta release of the software is now available for download. Electra is one of those jailbreak toolkits that comes with some limited Cydia tweaks support. Users can manually install jailbreak tweaks, that too without Cydia, the easy way. Here are the details you need to know about it.

The latest version of Electra iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak can be downloaded

You could look upon Electra as a simple jailbreak, creator CoolStar is pushing it as more than that. Calling it a “Toolkit,” the developer says that it is predominantly intended for developers and theme creators, allowing them to test out their hard work. What’s important to note is that the jailbreak, or toolkit, or whatever you want to call it does suffer from some limitations that past jailbreaks did not, such as there being no Cydia or Substrate included. Well, that’s not the fault of CoolStar as Saurik has still not updated Cydia Installer and Substrate for iOS 11.

Nevertheless, with the seventh beta now available, let’s have a quick look at what has been added since that initial release back on January 13th. Standby, long list incoming:

Beta 7 (Current):

  1. amfid now gets re-patched if it ever gets killed (stek29 and coolstar)
  2. clean up amfid patch (stek29)
  3. Add 3d touch shortcut for jailbreaking (ca13ra1)

Beta 6-5:

  1. Fix a regression in beta 6-4 that would cause launchd to run out of file descriptors

Beta 6-4 (Current):

  1. Don’t make jailbreakd rely on pidlistuptrs bug (thanks stek29)
  2. log dylib load errors in SBInject (thanks stek29)
  3. Clean up launchd payloads (thanks stek29)
  4. Load dylibs alphabetically from SBInject (thanks c0ldra1n)
  5. Check for jailbreakd start before reloading backboardd
  6. Make rejailbreaking significantly faster

Beta 6-3:

  1. Use host special port #4 to get tfp0 in jailbreakd (thanks n_triangle_dev)
  2. Add jailbreakd as a launchd service so it gets restarted if it dies (thanks n_triangle_dev)

Beta 6-2:

  1. Fix kernel memory leak in entitlement injector

Beta 6:

  1. Add a working launchctl for loading launch daemons (thanks nullpixel)
  2. Load dropbear as a launch daemon & fix zombie process issue (thanks nullpixel)
  3. Set kernel task as host special port #4 (thanks stek29)

Beta 5:

  1. Fix an issue in the substrate shim where substitute could crash if tweaks tried hooking nonexistent selectors
  2. Fix an issue with the dylib loader dragging UIKit (and all its tweaks) into every single daemon
  3. Make jailbreakd more robust with input struct size check enforcement

Beta 4-2:

  1. Fix a symlink that would prevent some substrate extensions from working with libsubstitute

Beta 4:

  1. Disable NVRAM patching as it still appears to be unstable
  2. Make amfid patch more reliable so that more dylibs can be run properly
  3. Add a “shim” so existing substrate tweaks can use libsubstitute without modifications

Beta 3-3:

  1. Fix the NVRAM patching crashing due to the memory page being unmapped (thanks Siguza)

Beta 3-2:

  1. Don’t unlock NVRAM variables due to the patch crashing some devices.

Beta 3

  1. Unlock all NVRAM variables (including setting boot-nonce) [thanks stek29]
  2. Add support for binaries with SHA1 hashes (so existing dylibs work fine, but executables will need the entitlement) [thanks stek29]
  3. Clean up some garbage files that were present from previous build (yay macOS resource forks and .DS_Store)
  4. Hopefully fix the app icon not displaying on iPhones
  5. Significantly speed up the rejailbreak process

Beta 2:

  1. Fix Anemone not reognizing themes
  2. Fix black screen when jailbreaking with tweaks enabled

Beta 1:

  1. Initial Release

iOS 11 Jailbreak Status

Regardless, whether or not the limitations of Electra are enough to put you off or as a developer you rely on it to allow testing of your tweaks, there’s no denying that the developer of this particular jailbreak-cum-toolkit continues to work on improving things. For that, you have to surely tip your hat. Also, many tweaks are now starting to support Electra, with another tool called Tweak Installer released recently in order to help install those compatible tweaks easily.

You can now download the latest Electra iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak IPA beta update with bug fixes and more directly from coolstar.org/electra/ website.

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