Download Emojis On Your Android For Free, Here’s How To [Tutorial]

Google’s Android mobile operating system is somewhat slower to make emojis as commonplace as Apple, that doesn’t actually mean you can’t be part of the cool iconic crowd if you’re not an iPhone owner. There are easiest ways to get emojis for Android through add-ons and third-party apps. Here’s how to access emoji on your Android device is briefed by steps in full glory: How To Get Emojis On Android Phone Using Official And Third-Party Keyboards

While Apple’s iOS software comes with emojis built-in… but wait, so does Android. Emojis are actually emoticons, which look really, really different on various phones, Strange, even. Like how emojis appear across different devices, you must keep in mind when you text with your iPhone friends.

Get Emojis for Android

There are other party applications such as emoji-enabled keyboards for Android, without it your phone isn’t complete. The craze for these tiny pictographic icons have changed day by day, the way we express ourselves, feelings, anger, shock, heart and more. The sort of emojis expression become a must-have feature on our smartphone and of course tablets keyboards.

Some of the high-end Android devices comes with pre-installed add-ons making ways to access these colorful characters on their gadgets. This step-by-step instructions help ypu activate emoji on your Android devices.

First and foremost your device does have iWnn IME? Yes, then check in to Settings > Language and Input. Edit your settings. Before that you have to confirm that whether your device can read and write emojis or not. In order to figure this out, simply open the Internet browser on your device and visit a webpage with emoji on it.

Android does read and write Emojis?

Step 1: Go to the Wikipedia page for emojis. Scroll down to the “In the Unicode standard” section.

Step 2: Once you see a majority of animated characters, you’re in the clear. If you only see blank symbols, then accept your device can’t understand emoji.

No worry, if you device cannot display emoji characters. You have an alternative option to download apps that support emoji, such as WhatsApp.

On your device running Android 4.2 or higher, can unlock a built-in graphic keyboard called iWnn IME. Open your device’s Settings menu. Tap on “Language & input.” If you find “iWNN IME Emoji Input,” make sure it’s checked.

Now, when you use the Android keyboard-enabled with iWnn IME, you can press the spacebar and select “Emoji input method” easily.

For those device come with an emoji add-on package, waiting to be installed.

If your device on Android 4.1 or above, an emoji add-on may already come with it. With this add-on, you can use emoji in all text field of your phone – for instance, even those in social media apps.

Note: These emojis only appear when you type in keyboards in a default Android keyboard, or by installing Google Keyboard.

To do so – go to Settings menu, tap on “Language and Input.” Head to “Android Keyboard” or Google Keyboard. Click on Settings. Scroll down to “Add-on Directories”.

Once done and you type with the Android or Google Keyboard in any app, you can use keyboards that will transform into emoji. Like, when you type words such as “smile,” an emoji of a smiley face will appear.

Yet another option here to add is your own emoji keyboards. Since the stock Android and Google keyboards have a personal dictionary option with shortcuts.

Better way to create a shortcut for an emoji in personal dictionary is really pretty easy.

  • Open your Settings menu.
  • Tap on “Language and Input.”
  • Go to “Android or Google Keyboard.”
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Tap the ‘+’ (plus) sign to add a new shortcut.
  • Under “Phrase,” insert the emoji you want to, and under “Shortcut,” type the keyboard that triggers the emoji you want.

You can even download third-party emoji keyboard if you really don’t have emoji add-on or iWnn IME installed on your device. The option to download a text messaging app that supports emoji the right way. To find a third-party app that has an emoji keyboard, visit Google Play and search for it. Choose the best emoji keyboard apps out there, as we recommend SwiftKey, Swipe, Fleksy and Minuum. Also read: Swiftkey Keyboard For Android And iOS Themes Goes Free For All

Finally, a small warning: If you’re on a limited texting plan, you may want to check to make sure your device sends emojis as symbols (which is, unicode characters), and not as MMSA or picture messages. Have fun! Use these 11 best iPhone Pranks to pull your friends.

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