Faster Charging Tweak Claims To Enable Quick Charging On iOS 10 iPhone And iPad

When your iOS device jailbroken there are many tweaks available in the world of Cydia store around for long enough for us heard about extremely bold claims. Some of those claims border on the ridiculous, whereas others indeed have some basis in truth, but aren’t that perfect as they first seem when you delve into the complexities. Generally speaking, if something seems too great to be accurate, then it likely is, but does that apply to Fast Charging, a new tweak for jailbroken devices which claims to allow an iPhone to charge faster than before?


Not quite sure who the people are who are demanding power to be served to their device in a faster manner, when you speak about Apple’s iOS devices and its privacy built quality, but the same guys obviousl have extremely busy lives and requires as little down time as possible to suggest.

Faster Charging, an alternative tweak to Wolfarm back in the iOS 9 days, claims to allow the device to charge much quicker, and moreover get the device back up to full power faster than a standard charging, but, does it work? The answer is more than likely somewhere in the middle of yes and no.

First of all, there’s no real way that a software package, jailbreak or anything else, could eventually made the stock 1A iPhone charger output more power than it is designed to. Faster Charging will likely give the slight illusion of actually allowing the device to be charged quickly as it more than likely designed to cut specific services during the charging process which draw power from the device as it is being charged.

In that aspect, with network and other useful services shutdown in the background, the hardware will be drawing less power to drain than usual, and will be the reason it look like charging quicker than usual.


Many iPhone owners found that, the only real physical way of enabling an iPhone to take on additional power backup in a faster manner is to use a 2.1A charger designed for use with Apple’s iPad. That charger outputs more than enough power by design for the larger battery of iPad, and has also proved very trustworthy on the iPhone. And of course, if you are looking for tips on how to speed up an iPhone and its charging tim, then you might follow our previous guide on the topic.

Faster Charging can be downloaded for free from Cyda via the BigBoss repository.

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