Hidden iOS Emoticon Keyboard Enabled On iPhone And iPad, Here’s How To [Guide]

Unaware of these emoticon keyboard in your iPhone or iPad? Before they were emojis, emoticons were all the rage and today we enabled it hiding in iOS device. Judging by the number of thrd-party keyboards based on them in the App Store, everyone seems to love good emoticons, and users like new and impressive ways of getting access to them all hidden inside. Fans of those little collection of characters will be pleased to learn that their iOS devices already have access to a pretty cool, additional emoticon keyboard. Of course different than usual emoji keyboard and features more than 100 emoticon characters, and it’s just a few taps away. Here’s how to get them uncovered and enabled.

No secret here, few already know how to choose and if you select just the right keybaord langauge, you will be given a whole new option of creating unicode emoticons in your text. There’s no any part of downloading third-party keyboards included and best of all, nothing to play either. Top of this access to only show you how can you do it and guides you go and play for yourself for free of charge.


What you need to do?

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see the option to change Keyboards.


Step 4: Next, tap Keybaords again, followed by ‘Add New Keyboard’.


Step 5: Scroll down again the considerable list of languages until you see Japanese. Tap on that to select both.

Step 6: You now have the choice of Romaji and Kana. Choose Romaji.


Step 7: Switch to the language you just added by hitting the globe icon on the keyboard anywhere in iOS.


Step 8: Now that, tap the “123” button followed by the one labled with the “^_^” unicode face and you’ll find yourself staring to selection of new, and super-awesome emoticons along the top of the keyboard. Expand the bar to see the entire list of available faces by just hitting the arrow at its right end.


Final changes made are you’ve never used any of them before and suggest you will never have seen some of them either. Welcome you to enter the new world of sending unicode bear emoticon faces to everyone you love. Happy Valentines Day!

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