How To Enable YouTube’s Dark Theme Mode On iOS [Tips]

Here’s how you can now enable YouTube Dark Theme Mode on your iOS running iPhone or iPad the easy way.

YouTube is adding a new dark mode theme to its mobile apps, beginning with iOS. Android version is coming soon as well. Talk of dark modes coming to apps and even iOS and Android as a whole has been a general and constant theme for a few years now. And one of those apps that have been mentioned more than a few more times is Google’s YouTube.

To activate the new YouTube‘s dark theme, you’ll have to simply tap the account icon, go to Settings, select “dark theme”, and enjoy the new look. It’s so simple!

Now, if you are using an iOS device, it can be an iPhone or an iPad, can enable a “dark theme,” by heading over to the app and then selecting settings, the same easy way aforementioned. In there, you’ll find a new option for the dark theme – flick this on and there’s you go.

Android users have to wait a little while before you get your very own YouTube’s dark mode. With Google simply saying that we can expect it at some point in the future thanks to the decidedly non-committal “coming soon” statement.

YouTube has previously added a dark mode to its desktop site last year, and the channel says since then, it’s become one of the most requested features for its mobile apps. As the name implies, the dark theme inverts some colors on the YouTube UI, swapping out the while background of the standard theme for a more unique, cinematic, blacked-out style feel thanks to a liberal coating of black paint.

All in all, the dark effect is an impressive one, if you’re in the camp that has been crying out for more dark mode-enabled apps, then we doubt you will be disappointed with what YouTube looks like here.

Finally, the dark theme should be rolling out to iOS users. An Android user has to wait for the greeting.

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