RIP: Shuts Down Permanently

What the hell, it’s a shock for everyone now on an unexpected decision made by the popular torrent site Just announced that it is closing its virtual doors indefinitely. A message posted on the site’s homepage doesn’t provide any real cause or any granular details for the closure, though, it informs users that the site has “shut down permanently.”

Hoping that the closures like this site will pop-up once again with a different domain authority, or hosted in a different region.

However, it seems like in the case of Extra Torrent the owners have tried their best to make it extremely clear that it won’t be rising again, and it certainly won’t be opening its digital doors again for business. The owner of the site has been contacted with a request for additional details but replied only with confirmation that the portal was indeed closing, and the parting words that “it’s time we say goodbye.”

ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently.

ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline.. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones. Thx to all ET supporters and torrent community. ET was a place to be….

May 17, 2017

At this far moment there is no real indication why the team behind the Proxy site has put an end. For Extratorrent, it followed the other big players which has already witnessed the death in the game or pirated ones, such as, The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. Sure, it’s likely another site will rise in the future to prominence with the demise of ExtraTorrent, but it clearly paints a bleak picture of the upcoming of that community.

Given the fact that ExtraTorrent was one of many’s favorite and popular torrent sites in the world, which is in a stage to closure with growing legal pressure being applied by the powerhouse entertainment companies who take exception to these type of sites and services. Unfortunately for these types of sites, growing popularity means that they are instantly become a main target for large companies who lobby service providers and domain name companies to take action.

ExtraTorrent may be the latest to the slit, but it’s likely to be the last to fall.

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