How To Check If Your Facebook Data Was Shared With Cambridge Analytica

Facebook users in the US and the UK, alleges the companies misused personal data from more than 71 million people, and the suit filed on behalf of Facebook earlier. But, according to the latest report, Facebook was hit with another lawsuit over data misuse on Tuesday.

Lawyers in the US and the UK filed the suit in the US District Court in Delaware against Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and two other companies. What we know so far is that the suit alleges the companies misused seventy-one personal data of people to develop “political propaganda campaigns” in both countries.

The lawsuit alleges Facebook failed to protect the personal information – including names, phone numbers, email and mail addresses, and of course, political and religious affiliations – of 70.6 American and 1 million British users of the biggest social network.

The suit says this information was used “to accomplish Cambridge Analytica’s driving principle: to build psychological profiles of voters to affect election results in the UK and the US,” according to the release.

It’s been a miserable week, or rather several weeks, for Facebook. The once seemingly unstoppable company admitted that data analyst firm Cambridge had accessed the profiles of 87 million users, is coming under ever increasing fire over how data on its users found its way into the hands of a company which worked with various political outfits around the globe.

Cambridge Analytica is the only name on everyone’s lips right now, and of course, Facebook has to answer everything, some difficult questions surrounding the safeguards which were supposed to stop things like this from taking place.

In response to outcry over the misuse of data, Facebook has made changes to its site and launched a tool to let users know if they were affected by the data scandal. Also, the company announced new privacy settings and a clearer privacy policy, and said auditing the apps on its site to so it’ll know how data is being collected.

Facebook users, if you haven’t seen the prompt in your News Feed, there’s s simple way to check your account. Facebook’s help center now has a section that tells you whether you or a friend were affected, available right here. Now you can get the answer to that question by simply clicking a link.

Facebook is been notifying almost 87 million people that their information was improperly obtained by Cambridge Analytica. Affected users will be prompted to change app settings, but it’s worth checking over the list of Facebook apps you have to ensure you remove ones you no longer need.

The data itself was taken by a third-party “personality quiz,” and while you may not have given it access to your data yourself, that may have kept you safe. Facebook is also not notifying individual users of the identity of the friend who used the “thisisyourdigitallife” app, though. It now transpires that anyone who friends gave the quiz access to their data will have also inadvertently dragged their own friends along for the ride, making it all the more interesting to see whether we are all impacted or not.

Facebook is now implementing platform changes to prevent other Facebook apps from improperly obtaining data again in the future. If you do find that your data has found its way into Cambridge Analytica’s hands there isn’t a great deal you can do about it. Other than perhaps tell all your friends to be a bit conscious with all things they do online moving forward!

To get started simply head on over to the link here.

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