Facebook Now Lets You Create Own Snapchat-Like Frames For Photos And Videos

Finally. Inspired by Snapchat again. Facebook is now allowing users create custom profile frames for photos and videos linked to your location. Here are the details on how to do so.

For better or worse, Facebook is rapidly trying hard to copy Snapchat. In the past few months the giant social network has added different features that already issued by Snapchat, are seemingly inspired by the app with the ghost mascot. And the latest feature follows a similar trend yet again. Feeling loyal to your neighborhood? Facebook camera effects feature will let you create your own frame to show it.


Photo by Facebook. New profile-pic frames let you wave your own flag then. With its Camera Effects Platform, Facebook will let it users make their own frame for profile pictures and of course, videos. Now, you being a Facebook profile owner can’t just display whatever you want on your page, as Facebook does need to approve your creations.

However, a new new feature called camera effects lets you develop and share custom looks for FB profile photos. Customize your Facebook profiles using dozens of profile frames to pick from already, but the new inclusion, opens up the floodgates to anyone with a creative bent.

Wait! Not exactly everyone/anyone. It’ll launch initially to Facebook users in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the UK and Ireland. And camera effects must pass Facebook’s approval process. Frames and camera effects may seem trivial, but belonging to a community often is profoundly important for people. The ways we use to declare membership have expanded from T-shirts and bumper stickers to phone ringtones and PC background wallpaper.

If you really want other to jion your parade, you can with camera effects, because you can share the custom frames, too, Facebook confirms. This new tool isn’t integrated at individual users as much as it is businesses or people who are planning an event, such as wedding or party. Essentially, if you want others to use your created photo frames, like what Snapchat offers with custom Geofilters, you can get started by making your own here. All you need is login to your Facebook account and follow the steps on that page immediately.

Learn about creating frames for photos and videos, start here: https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/learn/

Frames are a creative way for people to have fun or show their support. Now you can create frames that people can add to photos and videos on Facebook.


How It Works?


Types Of Frames

Location and general frames are public. Friends or people who like your Page are more likely to see your frame on Facebook. The owner’s name and profile picture may appear next to the frame.


Facebook plans to bring its custom frames to the rest of the world’s profile photos, but isn’t sharing its schedule yet. Living in Ireland, you’ll get the custom frames, alongside the ability to use them in a video-message feature Facebook is testing right now.

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