Facebook Developing Snapchat-Like Discover Feature For News Feed

According to new report, Facebook is working on a new feature that’s similar to Snapchat Discover for its social network. The feature that will reportedly live inside News Feed which would be the center of all the action on Facebook. With that said, Facebook have approached media and entertainment companies recently to invite them to contribute content for this new addition.

The feature that Facebook is developing like Snapchat Discover is to be called ‘Collections’. Media partners that agree to come onboard will then provide curated content that will be displayed directly inside users’ News Feed, showing news stories, videos and the company is hardly asking publishers to create more content.

Before we believe what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, we must know about the actual Snapchat Discover feature. Has more than 150 million users, Snapchat Discover feature lets users stumble upon channels from top publishers who curate content daily, watch ‘Live Stories’ from an event directly. It delivers content such as videos, photos, stories, and more from media partners. Users can swipe right in the app to access Discover and then simply tap on any of the publishers that they want to see content from. However, the app still doesn’t force the content on users.

About Facebook’s implementation, as described in the report, is a bit different since it will apparently highlight Collections. In News Feed which is at the very heart of the Facebook experience, “which has 1.8 billion users has told early ‘Collections’ partners that the content they create will be inserted directly into the News Feed, effectively giving them direct and potentially much broader access to the social network’s vast audience”.

How users will react to that remains to be seen. Facebook has not confirmed as yet about the highlighted report so it’s unclear when Collections might be launched.

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