Facebook Is Building Its Own Processors For Smart Devices, AI Software and Servers [Report]

According to the new report, Facebook is just crazy enough to design its own chips to power hardware devices, artificial intelligence software and AI servers in its data centers. Not only that, as per one of Facebook’s job listing, it seems like to be bringing on a manger to create an “end-to-end SoC/ASIC”, firmware and driver development organization, is actually a processor typically designed for use in mobile devices. Here are the details you need to know about it.

Although Intel and Qualcomm have their lion’s share of the processors market, but some companies are trying to compete on their dependency on those institutions. Following the same route as Apple, the social network Facebook is also building out its own team in an effort to bring its own processors to smart devices.

This news comes from Bloomberg, citing Facebook job listings and information gathered from unnamed sources. Based on that information at hand, Facebook is currently building out a team that would focus fully on creating its own processors, all in an effort to “lower their dependence” on Intel and Qualcomm.

Alongside, Facebook is also working on a slew of smart speakers. Next month, the company will launch the Oculus Go, a $200 standalone Virtual-Reality headset that runs on a Qualcomm processor. Future generations of those devices could eventually be improved by custom chipsets. By using its own processors, the company would have finer control over development and would be able to better tune its software and hardware together.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s own smartphones haven’t made a big rivalry, but looking forward on processors, and especially on AI software which is the future of the world could improve Facebook jump.

The Facebook’s team is ready to build its own semiconductors, and the company would be joining other tech titans that have recently invested in building their own ships, from Google poaching an Apple processor designer to reports of Amazon making custom hardware to improve Alexa-equipped devices. And reportedly, Apple.

While ASIC, or application-specific integrated circuit, is a chip designed for a particular purpose, which could oversee a team building chips for hardware, AI software or servers. Facebook AI researcher Yann LeCun tweeted about some of the job postings, asking for candidates interested in designing chips for AI.

By building its own processors, Facebook could be looking to gain some edge in its hardware base, whether in the recently-delayed smart speaker it’s been cooking up or the next Oculus headset after the just released Go. The report also calls out the upcoming Facebook smart speaker, but it does not suggest that Facebook is going to use a proprietary chip in this device. Nevertheless, it does hint that Facebook would improve upon the existing lineup with these new processors at some point in the near future.

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