Facebook Launches ‘Hello’ Caller ID, A Replacement Dialer For Android [Download Link]

The big social networking site Facebook has announced a new Android application that aims to make you communication much easier than before, and evidently released it onto the Google Play store. With varying degrees of success, has now launched an all-new dialer app for Android called Hello. Download links for the new replacement caller ID app can be found below the post. More details on how Hello on Android works, can be checked after this fold.


The free app, is however in testing, but seeks to create a more user-friendly system that allows users to easily block / ignore calls without using third-party utilities, participating in the emerging pastime of Wi-Fi calling, and enjoy improved caller ID that could enhance the forgotten art of real-time voice conversation.

Say Hello to the Android app! As it is a dialer application that pulls information from Facebook so you can see who’s calling you without even having the phone number saved on your device. Unlike the Truecaller app, you can also block unwanted calls, start a Messenger chat with a friend and open someone’s profile with just one tap.

No doubt that we we live in the IM age, and Facebook has been a large promoter of this with its Messenger platform, which is the company that recently-acquired WhatsApp add voice calls to the experience – for iPhone and Android both altogether – it would appear that Zuck and Co. are still very much focused on live, audible chat.


Facebook has brought out a whole new app, and the fact resides that voice calls are dying out in one thing that could be denied, but as digital customers which is still a big feature that we regularly utilize. Enter Hello, an app which gears the power of Facebook to give clear indications of who’s calling, unrecognized numbers and decide – before it rings out. With a new caller ID, it also offers blocking features in that unwanted calls can be directed straight to voicemail, the app is also built out in compliance with Google’s all-new Material Design, and a built-in search function, which Facebook made an incremental step towards local search, you can readily find the numbers of local business and call them directly.

hello-2Finally, if the Facebook user has given that authority, the app can also pair a number to a person’s Facebook profile, and when they call you, a bunch of information (including a profile photo and hometown info) will pop up on your display.


Here is the full list of features you’ll get with Hello:

  • See who’s calling you, even if you don’t have that phone number saved in your phone.
  • Easily block unwanted calls.
  • Automatically block calls from numbers that have been blocked by a lot of other people.
  • Search your phone contacts and people and places on Facebook, without switching between apps.
  • Always have the latest info about your contacts, including their profile pictures and birthdays.
  • Open a Facebook profile or Page with just one tap.
  • Call and text for free with Messenger.
  • Call, add and edit contacts — just like you do on your phone.

The dialer, which requires a Facebook login to use, will also auto-update contacts as they change on Facebook’s servers, and hello, you’ll always have the most recent contact information available. Grab it via the link below.

You can now Free to -> (Download: Facebook Hello for Android on the Google Play Store)

Note: The new Facebook Hello Caller ID is now available in the US, Brazil, and Nigeria. But can manually make it in your country, by downloading Hello Dialer APK, installing it to try out. Also like to check our Android Apps zone to explore more apps for your Android device for free.

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