Facebook Launches New Birthday Cam Video Messages, First With iOS App

Greetings to a friend or family member on a happy birthday will never be the same wish again, after Facebook announced its new Birthday Cam feature. Built right into iOS Facebook app and starting the inclusion said to be on its way to the Android platform soon. How Birthday Cam will allow users to send their recorded short video messages? Wihing the recipent many happy returns while doing what actually people do on Facebook these days. Sharing?

Messages on Facebook wishing people a happy birthday have historically been some of the most posted items, with more than 100 million birthday wishes sent in the month of January alone. Is Farmville still a thing? With figures like that, adding a specific birthday greeting feature to the Facebook mobile apps makes plenty of sense.

Apparently, Facebook noticed that around 90% of the birthday messages being posted to the timelines of its users were essentially identical, with a simple “Happy Birthday” wish being what most are capable of mobilizing. By offering a quick and easy way to sending a more personal video clip, or animated and less wordly solution to its users, Facebook will be hoping that we will soon be overwhelmed by a hundred different videos each and every time we get older a year. Ease of use and speed are two Facebook’s biggest claims here too, with the social media suggesting that sending a video message will apparently take about as long as blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

Facebook’s new Birthday Cam feature shown off on its iPhone app
Adding a personal touch to a birthday messahe will likely prove popular amongst those who are keen to be in front of a camera, but the rest? Simply stick to write two-word greetings and then geeting on with our days. Being able to do so, do we really care whether it’s a school-guy-who-we-never-spoke-to’s birthday in the first place?

Facebook’s “Birthday Cam” encourages video messages, but not robotic wall posts and allows iPhone, iPad users to send 15-seconds greeting to.

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