Facebook Messenger Going To Add Facial Recognition Feature To Device Camera Roll

Called Photo Magic. Facebook is evidently been working on a new facial recognition inclusion that scans your captured photos and notifes it with an option to send them and share with friends who are in the photographs.

Recent news comes from BuzzFeed suggesting that FaceBook Messenger will be bringing Facial Recognition to your camera roll. How it works? When you take a picture of your friends, you’ll get a notification whether to send it to them through Messenger. Currently, it is available in Australia.

The Facebook’s Photo Magic feature is not so confusing as. People are already sharing lost of photos in FB Messenger, and Facebook although knows what your friends look like. Over 9.5 billion photos were sent within Messenger, according to Facebook’s last month report. Users like to use it for photo sharing, and the social-network wants to encourage that.

Stepped forward, and Facebook is applying its facial recognition technology directly onto your camera roll so that it can scan the pictures you haven’t uploaded yet. After seeing a Facebook friend as one, it will suggest you send it to them through its Messenger app.

Actually, Photo Magic works like this. It fist of all scans the camera roll on your device and then prompts people to send photos via Facebook Messenger directly to the users that are already present in the frames. It uses the same facial recognition technology behind Facebook’s tag suggestions, and the experimental app Moments.

Once Facebook finds your friends in a photo, it will send a push notification prompting you to share it with them. You can either hit “send” right from your home screen. The Photo Magic feature is optional and you can turn off the facial recognition from the settings.

Notably, the Photo Magic won’t be notifying you about every photo, on which Facebook says it is working on finding the right balance of when to alert you, and when not to. As oft-mentioned, you can choose to not use Photo Magic at all.

If you decide to use Facebook’s Photo Magic. On Android, Messenger will be alerted every time a new photo-shot is taken, frequently. On iOS, it will check in periodically. And will only scan for new photos.


Facebook will launch the Photo Magic feature globally in the coming months. Those living in Australia can experience it now.

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