Facebook Is Testing New UI, “M” Assistant Chat Integration In Messenger

There is no doubt that Facebook Messenger is an extremely popular app, and the team behind it is always testing out new features – even includes a spiffy new user interface, which is what exactly they are doing right now. Being tested for “M” in Facebook Messenger, exactly means that the Messenger team is apparently testing out a new UI for “M” assistant – a Facebook’s own personal chat assistant that lives within Facebook Messenger. Here are the details to take a note of.

Facebook Messenger's New Virtual Assistant Makes Siri Look Like Alexa

Now it’s important that M itself is still being beta tested, assuming that there will be very, very few people seeing this change in their Facebook Messenger app. Once you have a look at the screenshots below, it appears the updated interface pretends a bit more modern and spacious in some screens, it also reduces functionality though. So looking at the message screen, Facebook has moved all of the buttons from two rows, down into one, meaning that no more space to read the messages in the conversation, but there’s still less space to tap on the text field.

Another point is that. Smaller touch targets can lead to some user experience or UX issues, that’s is the reason why this is still being tested. Now, those items hidden in the “+” have also been revamped. Instead of getting a list, you will now onwards get a horizontal scrolling list or round buttons for each item. Making sense of things a bit harder to find than before.


Facebook’s new virtual assistant to Messenger – M – its bold answer to Siri and Cortana, is pretty darn impressive, it can arrange to fave flowers delivered, can warn and much more. Stickers, GIFs, and Emojis now have their own section and their own panels in that section. Simply, you can tap on one desired button and find the sticker, GIF or emoji character which you were looking for.

The aforementioned would probably the best part about this update, as it makes it much easier to find GIF and send it to your friend or family member. Other interface tweaks have also been made available here, but nothing too crazy. In addition to the UI change and M assistant, there’s now an option to control notifications for app updates.


It’s interesting update for Facebook Messenger, and at the same time receive mixed reaction if it does make it to the stable build. Remember that this is a test for the Facebook Messenger app, which might not become the official UI, and there will likely be changes before it rolls out.

(Thanks: Android Police)

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