Facebook Reactions Now Live On iOS, Android And Web, Here’s How To Use Six Stages

It’s a global roll out. The new Facebook Reactions are finally here and your News Feed is about to get a lot more expressive now. On any platform, you can express the six stages of Facebook Reaction grief, including “Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry”. Facebook is continually expanding the ways of social experience, and in turn, making the overall Facebook experience more pleasurable and contextual for those who daily use the platform. By introducing a new “Reactions” feature back in October 2015, and taking more time in developing how that would look and work, the world’s largest social network has now in the process of pushing out the new experience to accounts across the world.

Facebook account holders sharing and interacting on iOS, Android and the Web platforms have been able to react to a connections status update, image upload, or a post of any other type with a “Like”, that the network has become known for. With that given, a redesigned Facebook “Like” may have solved an issue when they were originally introduced, but users have been crying out for a new way to show up their reactions with something other than pure possitive for quite some time now. The work in the background done perectly to bring the new Reactions feature into the public domain is Facebook’s anticipated solution to those pain points.


Nevertheless, the Facebook Like button will still be prominent all over the network, but at same time will now be infused with a long-press geature capability that brings up a number of new ways to react to a specific post or status update from a connection. Results of that long press will be a set of new Reactions that can be used to express a particular sentiment, like showing your expression to that particular loving, cool, crying, laughing etc, rather than simply liking every post. Each update will also show the number and type of Reactions received to date. Those accessing Facebook via a desktop will be able to hover the mouse pointer over the “Like” button, which will reveal the multiple new Reactions for selection. However, it doesn’t show up any Dislike button, though.

How to use Facebook Reactions on mobile & Desktop:

Step 1: To begin on iOS or Android phones. Launch the Facebook app on your device and head to a post through the News Feed or a friend’s Timeline.

Step 2: Tap and hold on the Like button, should reveal a popup menu containing the new six Reactions emoji will appear.


Step 3: Without lifting your finger, drag the finger right or left to choose reactions, where you will see the emojis being highlighted. To post a Reaction, simply highlight the emoji of your choice and lift the finger. That’s it! You have posted your first Reaction on Facebook.

Desktop Facebook Users

Need to point your favorite web browser to Facebook, and look for the post you wish to post a Reaction to. Using the mouse, hover the mouse pointer over the Like button, and a popup menu containing new Reactions emoji will appear. Post a Reaction? Simply click on one of your choice. Volia! You’re done.

The company’s initial testing showed that users in differing countries interacted with the new Reactions in a similar fashion. Within the Facebook, the iconic Like button has long needed an overhaul, and finally, Facebook has now officially acted on that situation. Gone live!

(Source: Facebook)

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