Facebook Working On An Alternative To Siri And Google Now Called ‘Moneypenny’

What is Facebook’s ‘Moneypenny‘? Actually, it’s being referred to internally and if you heard of Miss Monneypenny in the James Bond novels and films, then you can gues what actually Facebook is working on. Siri competitor? Briefed below!

In the true world of the “internet of things” it has become extremely evident that voice activated personal assistant apps and services are going to be here to saty. With the progression of Google Now within Android Lollipop and recently witnessed Apple introduce a smarter, more Proactive Siri as part oof its iOS 9 updates. Now that, it’s potentially due to the stability of the digital assistant zone, it’s being reported that Facebook is set to take on Siri and Google Now with its own digital assistant software, codenamed “Moneypenny,” which is the fictional character in the James Bond movie, and she is the secretary to M, who is Bond’s boss and head of the British Secret Services.

The virtual assistant arena is not only a competitive space to manage, but to operate, it must also be fairly lucrative for those companies that choos to do so. Cortana, focused heavily on Microsoft’s own assistant and spate of TV commercials would suggest that the Microsoft, Google, and Apple all see competent, advanced virtual assistants as marketable selling points. If this news is seriously be taken into action, then it looks like Facebook is extremely cose to joining that battle with its own Messenger based, James Bond inspired Moneypenny assistant.

The existence of such an assistant fives further evidence that Facebook is very serious about continuing to develop Messenger as a serious aspect of its core business. About Moneypenny, there’s is scarce of information currently available now, but the report cites three individuals who have been “briefed” on the plans who all suggest that users would use the assistant baked into Facebook Messenger to ask real people for assistance in areas such as researching specific topics, and ordering real-world products and services.

Now it’s all up to the stage of reality and that is it we have made pretty much all of the information available at the moment, but Facebook has done a particularly excellent job of keeping the leaks to an absolute minimum like Bond. Even there wasn’t a hint of a release date of such an assistant in work, even released a beta form, nor has there been any additional expanded info on what users will be able to do with Moneypenny either.

Only thing we know so far is it is speculated to be built directly into FB Messenger, and Facebook will take it seriously as it continues to push the Messenger app as a platform rather than just an instant messaging service. Great!


(source: The Information)

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