Faxconn Reportedly To Start Manufacture Units Of Apple iPhone In India

After Nokia plant in Chennai locked down Faxconn planning to enter India, as the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer is planning to start its plant in Gujarat, Noida, and also a small trail unit in Andhra Pradesh (not in Telangana). More details on Faxconn manufacturing iPhone in India can be found below.

According to Economic Times report, Foxconn plans to assemble Apple’s iOS devices in India, as it holds the largest contract for Apple phones molding.  “With booming smartphone sales, Foxconn is ready with its plans. On cards are two plants, one in Gujarat and the second in Noida,” anonymous sources told the publication.

Faxconn’s Indian business went for a toss after Nokia-Microsoft acquisition and all the three plants in the Chennai, Bengaluru highway that manufactured Nokia handsets were shut down. Around 1,700 employees were impacted by Faxconn factories shut down in December as a result – the company faced a lot of flak from employees, who protested outside the factory for leaving them in the stagger.

Now that Faxcoon plans to re-enter India makes some sense, which it has hired by Josh Foulger, a senior Nokia executive who was also involved in setting up Nokia plant in Chennai. However, the official announcement of such plans are only be expected to be witnessed after when the Indian Govt’s ‘Make In India’ policy.

Here’s what the sources told the publications,

While policy announcements of Make in India are not imperative for Foxconn’s investments for smart phone making plant, a favorable manufacturing policy will help greater commitment for future investments.

Rumored that the small trail production factory unit will be escalated near Siri City in Andhra Pradesh and will conduct R&D activities beside new product development.

What do you think about a new Faxconn plant in India to re-build Apple’s iPhone production from here?

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