Final Version Of OS X 10.11.5 Available To Download Now, Brings Security And Bug Fixes

Apple has officially made available to download OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan for public consumption. Released the fifth update to OS X El Capitan which comes on the back of four prior pre-release beta seeds, and the official availability made for all compatible Macs through the usual update mechanisms.

The latest version of OS X 10.11.5 comes nearly two months after the release of OS X 10.11.4, an update that introduced Live Photos for Messages and password protected notes in the Notes app.

Developers and engaged Mac owners alike may be expecting a reveal of the next-generation OS X version during WWDC 2016 in June. To that end, and to show that progress will indeed continue to be made, Apple has significantly released OS X 10.11.5 to all.

Most of the updates to OS X El Capitan have been focused largely on under-the-hood improvements, security and bug fixes, and of course security enhancements rather than outward-facing changes, and OS X 10.11.5 is no exception. In fact, if a number of leaks and hints that have been dropped and discovered turn out to be true, then the OS X naming convention referring to the company’s platform as ‘MacOS’. Saving it for future of the platform means that OS X 10.11.5 features very minimal in the form of those upgrades or functionality developments, and like previous releases, seems to focus entirely on making subtle improvements that are user beneficial, either directly or indirectly.

Apple has taken apart the necessary route of integrating critical bugs and performance enhancements that will make the wholesome OS X experience a much better one for all interacting with the platform.

For now, OS X 10.11.5 is live and available to the public, and can be obtained and installed through the usual update mechanism on the Mac App Store.


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