First Look At Second-Gen Google Glass Could Appear To Be More Sleeker

It was in the past year as we heard about the next Google Glass with Intel silicon power, and the product will be aimed at businesses. Eralier this year it was announced that Google was killing off the Glass Explorer Program as part of an internal reshuffle into how reqources are allocated to the project. Now that, it seems like Google’s Glass headset once again starts to grab some media attention and headlines, and with an all-new design patent for a potential second-generation Glass unit has slipped into the public domain.

Google Glass was first made available to a select few as part of Google’s now defunct and public-facing Glass Explore Program, which was extremely interesting and highly innovative proposition. The offered and advertised functionality was hugely discussed, and most interestingly came with some real-world, tangible situations where it could be utilized. However, it was all not set for an average individual, which it’s really wasn’t going to capture the hearts and minds of such consumer, though.

While Google isn’t ready toput the Glass project to bed yet, tt’s possible that it could be the beginnings, and apparently filed a new patent that outlines a new design for waht could potentially be the second-generation Glass headwear that rests on a single ear and wraps around the head to offer a display in front of the user’s eye. The immediate visual difference is that it looks as though Google is ready to do away with the typical spectacle style physical structure of the gadget in favor of a more single arm, monocle-esque approach.

Describes the wearable as being capable of retaining its configuration, and the new approach also introduces a head adapting level of flexibility that is supposedly designed to adapt to the users head on the fly and remains in a shape the user is comfortable to wear for almost anyone. The band can also double as a touch-based input surface.

Patent also mentions how a single display could be used with a prism or other structure configured to extend over both eyes of the user for displaying an image viewable for both eyes.

Given the fact that Google has shut down public sales of Glass in January and put former Nest CEO Tony Fadell in charge of the Glass program. In July it was reported that the Glass would be reproduced as an enterprise device in fields like healthcare and air travel. Later in September, it was said that this new hardware engineers to work on a wearable known as Project Aura. It’s believed that this is the new incarnation of the Glass project.

(Source: USPTO)

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