First Real-Build Self-Driving Car Prototype Revealed By Google [Image]

Although Google has been working on a self-driving car for quite some time now. The first working auto debut was only an early prototype though. In fact, the first real-build self-driving car in the promotional video shown off, but it didn’t even have working headlights. Now, Google has finally reveals its first “complete prototype” for the very first time in an announcement toady.


Google is said to be working not only on a single project, but its been hard at work on a number of different prototypes to test different areas of the car. For your sake, they would have two separate test cars; one that focuses on auto car parts like steering wheels or brakes, and the other one for self-driving parts like computers and sensors.

Officially, it came up with a fully-complete prototype and in fact, Google says that they’ll spend the holidays testing the car on their test tracks, and apparently looking to introduce the car on the streets sometime within the year 2015.


Till then check out how Google’s safety drivers will continue to oversea the way the vehicle runs, using temporary manual controls as needed while they continue to test and learn. Eventually, they will see some more progress come out of Google’s self-driving laps in the upcoming future.

More details on Google’s blog post.

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