Is It The Galaxy S8 Active Leaked Online, Looks Like A Rugged LG G6

Finally, Samsung is a bit getting closer to introduce a rugged version of its latest Galaxy S smartphone, and this time around, the first Galaxy S8 Active photo leaks online showing off what the S8 Active is going to look like.

This year was no different with the introduction of Galaxy S8 and S8+, thought to be one of Samsung’s best creations to date. With the hardware now out in the wild, as an Active variant of the 2017 flagship, has been given a sneaky preview thanks to a leak from the Wireless Power Consortium. And the image lets you know three key things about the S8 Active. First, the display: with more bezel, same 18:9 screen, but with no curved edges, like the original S8.

In this situation, Samsung planned to do about something best. Instead, the S8 Active has a flattened out look but retains the S8’s rounded corners, making the front of the phone look a lot like LG’s G6. Thankfully for what we get, especially when it comes ahead of official reveal date. One of the most beautiful aspects of the recently released Galaxy S8 and S8+ was the stunning Infinity Display with the curved edges and edge display. Today’s leak fairly shows that the rugged version of the S8 will have to forego that curved edge experience completely in favor of a more practical display.

It also seems like Samsung have made the bezels a little bit larger on the S8 Active, specifically on the sides. But overall, the front of the phone still seems to get clear to the nearly all-screen look of actual S8. Second thing to note in this photo is that Samsung isn’t putting buttons back on the front of the phone.

Reason is a bit simple, Samsung is interested in making the device a bit harder to handle when wet, since owners will be relying on the touchscreen, though. The name of the S8 Active kind of gives the game away as to who it is intended for. Think for more durable, such as those who work in construction or hazardous environments. Of, those who simply are more than well aware that they have a habit of dropping and destroying devices.

Curved edges part, are as gorgeous as they may be, make the screen more susceptible to damage and cracking, and therefore haven’t made it onto the S8 Active version. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 Active with no curved edges at each corner of the device remain in place but without the edge display it gives off a very LG G6-like preview. Rumor: LG G6 Could Get 3D Facial Recognition Capabilities In June

The leaked photo also seems to suggest that Samsung has added a little more size and protection to the Active variant in order to make it more capable of handling and absorbing shock if the device is dropped or knocked. Previous rumors already said it will be exclusive to AT&T and announced around June, so not much longer to wait.

Update x1: Samsung’s Active phones usually include bigger batteries, shatter-resistant screens, and dust-and-water-proofing. Moreover, we should hear more soon.

(Source: Wireless Power Consortium)

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